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Kitchen Box Themes?🍿🪐🧸

I had an idea a while ago, how awesome would some themed Kitchen boxes be! Remember the days when the Kitchen Menu was themed? I distinctly remember the MOVIE WEEK menu with references to Dirty Dancin...

Resolved! Bath bomb question

Can anyone help name bath bombs that have existed that create a milky surface like Mrs Whippy, Roller? I love it and wish more did that, I feel like the original blackberry bomb did but I may be misre...

Monster's Ball

I'm not sure if this is the right Board to post on but I shall try. Good Morning to you all, this is my first time posting so fingers crossed you can help. I have just emailed lush direct but I'm not ...

Mandamoo by Handmade Helper
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Bubble bars

Hi I was wondering do people split it there bubble bars and say spread them over baths or do u use one complete one per bath what are people’s thoughts

vicki3142 by Bathing Master
  • 6 Replies
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Lord Of Misrule Discontinued

Hi there I am looking at re purchasing my favourite Lord of Misrule perfume, I've heard this is going to be discontinued? Or is it just the shower gel being discontinued? I really hope the perfume is ...

Rose Jam perfume vs body spray

Hi everyone, I'm Wanting to buy the Rose jam in a perfume it's my favourite smell in the shower gel, but can't decide between perfume vs body spray, does anyone have both to compare? Do they smell the...

Massive thanx to staff at Eldon Sq store

I love lush and have always had a great shopping experience in stores before Xmas I was shopping at metro center store and they were amazing (I still go there) recently I’ve been able to get back to t...

Laura1 by Handmade Hero
  • 5 Replies
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I’m so sad I missed the box with BADGES I collect badges and put them on backpacks.I signed up just a few days late to receive the box with them in. also love the shower gel and roller bath bomb fro...

Laura1 by Handmade Hero
  • 3 Replies
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