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Any else concerned about the recent collab?

Bath Submerger

I choose to give my money to ethical brands. It isn't always easy but with certian products like toiliteries it should be in theory at least. Lush marks themself as an ethical brand (manufacturing in UK, recycleable pots, returns scheme and no animal testing).

So I'm really dissapointed they have collaborated with a fast fashion, low ethics brand like asos. I deliberately choose not to give companies like that my money yet find I have surreptisiously via a kitchen box item I wasn't even warned about. Lush is EXPENSIVE and frankly if they are expensive due to ethical products being more expensive to produce that is fine with me, manufacturing in Dorest is a lot pricier than manufacturing in China after all.  But if they are going to be expensive AND partner with unethical brands in what feels like a cash grab, doing it through the box also indicates to me they knew this (why not put in on the online store otherwise... scared it wouldn't sell)?


Edit I googled "asos ethics" this stuff came up. They seem to be fairly good on animal welfare but a lot less good on worker welfare and making sure no toxic materials are in their goods. To be fair it seems like they are trying but it also feels like Lush is giving them their credibility (and therefore damaging their own).

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Groovy Kind of Lushie

I’m surprised there has been no further info from Lush, either in the box or on the digital menu. Surely they could have foreseen that customers would likely be wary of a collaboration with a fashion retailer? Stamping ASOS X LUSH on the bath bomb without further explanation, and including it in paid subscription, seems quite a bizarre decision and doesn’t sit well with me.



I personally don’t want to pay to have ASOS advertised at me. I try my best to avoid companies like this and buy from Lush, in part, because of their ethos/not testing on animals/recycling initiatives/etc.



@Kel @Jon any insight on this would be appreciated as this doesn’t seem very well thought through or make a lot of sense currently? Thank you!

Lush Hottie

ASOS made a suggestion a while back, that Lush might like to sell some of their popuar products on their site. Some or possibe all information will be revealed next Monday, so we will see.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Handmade Helper

I was also a bit confused about this. I spotted the ASOS logo on the bottom of the bath bomb but can't seem to find any info on what the connection is – have I missed something? 

I'm at a loss myself. Opened my box literally an hour ago and didn't even notice the logo lol.

Bathing Master

I must admit, I’m not massively keen on ASOS either. It does seem like one of the pinnacles of fast fashion rather than a brand that springs to mind when I think about sustainability and ethical consumption. 


Plus, if Lush sells through ASOS, does that mean their products will be shipped out in ASOS’ plastic bags causing more plastic waste? Also, how will ASOS work to guarantee the freshness of the products? It’s concerning rather than exciting  really.

Also Asos is online only, lush already has a website and well managed distribution system so it isn't as if the products get to more customers. Why buy through asos unless its cheaper? And if its cheaper why buy through original lush? I see no benefit to lush from this unless asos has chucked a load of cash at them which raises ethical questions.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

The only thing I can think of is that they would want to reach out to new customers not familiar with Lush. I hope they will come out soon and say more (or anything at all lol) about this strange collab.

Lush Hottie

Roll on next Monday.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Handmade Hero

I really share everyone's feelings on this. I contacted customer care about it and they literally couldn't answer any of my questions ( why collab with such an unethical brand, why not give any info whatsoever about this to kitchen subscribers etc) All I got was

"The bath bomb will be available through Asos. The collaboration is to reach people that might not be aware of recycling and the negative impact to the environment."

and when i asked how this bath bomb could possibly make people more aware / when is the collab launching / is lush making a large profit from collaborating with an unethical brand I just got this -

"We do understand the point that you are making. The information is not available at this stage. It will be in the future. We appreciate your feedback and it will be given to the relevant departments."

It just seems to me that over the last few years Lush is just continuing to go down a path that is veering further and further from it's values and ethics

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I think what might happen is a sort of marketing campaign to steer ASOS customers into trying Lush. They just released a statement saying that Asos has about 17milion weekly customers and lush has 1.5 so if only a fraction of those customers gets in contact with Lush and makes the switch it could still potentially be huge. I think this is a situation of 'keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer' 


Bath Submerger

Used mine this evening, it's down the plughole. It was ok I suppose but I'm not that into bath bombs tbh. If I were, there are much nicer ones in my local Lush that I can have anytime.

Bath Submerger

so the charity pot donation to a transphobic charity almost made me throw in the towel with lush completely, but i didn't. partnering with a fast fashion brand though? yah it's a no from me. i pay a premium for lush products so they're as ethical as possible...what is ethical about a company who wraps everything in single use plastic, underpays/mistreats employees and sells brands which exploit east asian children to make their clothes? nothing. nothing at all. 


and the bombs supposedly to make people aware of recycling? ASOS need to take a look at their own plastic problem before blaming civilians who buy bottled water once a year. 


Hi @LemonBunny 


Sorry I wasn't around to reply yesterday.


I'm sure you have probably already seen the statement that went up on the WeAreLush site but if not I'll add the link here.


It explains why Lush have chosen to sell some of the products through ASOS and also addresses some of the concerns that have been brought up about using their platform to introduce Lush to more new people.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Thanks for sharing the link @Jon . Helpful to have a bit more info now.