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Bubble bars

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Hi I was wondering do people split it there bubble bars and say spread them over baths or do u use one complete one per bath what are people’s thoughts 

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Lush Hottie

I get a few baths out of them to get value for money. Also if you use a whole one you'll get a mountain of bubbles. I made this mistake with the Comforter years ago lol.

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Groovy Kind of Lushie

Usually I use whole bubble bars. I like a lot of bubbles! I don't use bubble bars and other bath products every time I take a bath so I'm fine with that. However, I remember using halves of a bubbleroon separately.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I get multiple uses out of each bubble bar, something like Sleepy would last at least 6 baths for me. 

Ickle Lushie Bot

Depends on preference obviously but I tend to go by the size of the bubble bar. The standard size (French Kiss, Vesuvio, Mrs Whippy etc) I'd say you get two decent baths or one luxurious one. 


Larger bubbles (Comforter, Lemon Crumble, Matcha etc) I'd say about 4 but you could stretch them out further or have 2 really fancy baths. 


Reusable bubbles last for ever, even the smaller ones. 

Bathing Master

I've found that buy chopping them up and then putting them in a sieve under a hot running tap gets the most! Ones that lush say you get 2-3 baths out of can easily stretch to four that way! 

Yep! Whenever I have guests over they ask what the sieve is for in the bathroom. I love putting my bath into a sieve, it allows me to mix and match bubble bars too! 

Bath Submerger

I usually get quite alot of baths out of my bubble bars. I chop mine into a crumble and keep them in their own jar.


I then tip what I need into a seive and run it under the water. It creates so many bubbles this way and I've only used a bit of the bubble bar.


Depending on the size of the bubble bar to how many baths I get out of each one but id say with the smaller bars I get maybe four. If it's one of the large ones like the Comforter then I'll get probably double that 😅


The seive definitely helps especially when the bar broken down into a crumble. 

Me too! I have mine stored in Hartley's jam jars and they sit and look pretty on my drawers of lush stuff. : )

Bathing Master

I used to use them whole! Or bigger ones in halves. Now I probably go halves or thirds on the smaller ones and even smaller again on the bigger bars. Comforter probably does 4 baths for me, or maybe 3 indulgent ones! I love lots of scent and bubbles tho. The Mother’s Day jasmine cream and violet cream bars have been amazing tho... I’ve probably used 1/6 each time and the baths have been amazing!! 

Bath Submerger

I'm in about a quarter of a very bubbly Apple Crumble rn, but it depends on the bar. I chop bits off and blast them with the shower head. 

Ickle Lushie Bot

We have really hard water in Bristol (UK) so annoyingly they don't go as far. Smaller ones I split into 2 and bigger ones will be 3/4. When I visit home and use the same amount though the bath overfills with bubbles 😂 I also have this 'bath tea strainer' from the bodyshop a couple of years ago which is amazing... It just looks like a bigger loose tea strainer on a chain which is great because you can crumble your bar into that, hook it around your tap and just leave your bath to run - basically the same a seive but more convenient and measures it out for you. I'm not sure if they still sell them but would be awesome if lush made something like this! 

Lush Team
Lush Team

I use a whole one if it's a creamy candy etc but I half the bigger ones, like the comforter to get 2 baths. The perfect amount 👌 

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