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Community Favourites

Bathing Master


I would love to see community favourites make a return, especially from this forum and the feedback Lush receive from their Kitchen Subscription box. 

The lack of shower gels made me think we could see something magical return but as of yet nothing has cropped up that has excites me (sorry Good Karma ..) 


What would you love to see return or come out? Personally anything Yuzu and Cocoa or Turmeric Latte scented would be a big win for me. 

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Bathing Master

I truly wish LUSH would give us a Community Release of Shower Gels! I would love to see the following released 


Outback Mate


Yoga Bomb


Winter Garden


Golden Pear

Madam President

Christmas Eve 

Hidden Mountain






I don’t know the older products but based on the photo above I would like sex bomb and turmeric latte. I never tried these. I do have two bottles of Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair, it’s my favourite shower gel so would love to see that return! Would like to try the shower gel similar to B scent perfume too, elektro or something? 

B Electro, and I still have a couple of bottles of it as it's one of my favourite scents.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

I have just rediscovered the b scent (it seems familiar now from

the b shop, but my taste must have been less mature or something back then?!?) and I love it! I hope I get to try B electro sometime! 

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I would love Yoga Bomb or The Jilted Elf shower gel 😍

Also Heavenly Bodies shower gel/cream! I believe Sonic Death Monkey is supposed to be the same scent but I would prefer something with creamier and thicker texture.


Yes SDM is the same scent, but like you I'd prefer a creamier, and thicker formulation.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Handmade Hero

I never got to try the old products but would love to be able to especially turmeric latte and groovy kind of love

Bath Submerger

Outback mate

Tumeric late

Breath of God

Flying fox

Blue skies and fluffy white clouds

Lush Hottie

I'd love to see the return of GOTF.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.


From community favorites in the past, I’d love to see Guardian of the forest and Goddess come back, as well as Sultana & Avocado Wash (the original formula). 

If Lush were to make Community Favorites again with new shower gels I’d love Maypole, Frozen, Happy Blooming and Jingle Spells. 



I'd love to see any of them return, having of never tried any of them.