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Easter Products - thoughts & future...


So, i've just used my funfetti lip scrub for the first time from this years Easter range, and with the scent I was thinking how great it would be to encapsulate that in a bath bomb! Would be great for birthdays, filled with confetti 🎉.


I'd also love to have an all year round Honey i washed the kids scented bath bomb (Humpty Dumpty/Golden Egg)


Would love to hear which of the range you'd definitely like to see next year, is there any products that didn't come back that you wish had? Is there any products you'd love to see in another format? 

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I love your Funfetti Cake bath bomb idea!

For next year, I’d like to see a Carrot scented shower gel (the scent of Snowman jelly, Follow the White Rabbit bath bomb, Bunch of carrots...), I’d like to see Walter Bunny make a return and maybe a new perfume or body spray. Or even a body conditioner/ Lotion, maybe Brightside or Happy Blooming scented 😊

Lush Team
Lush Team

I adore the smell of Walter bunny, wish we could have it in a showergel, but it would suit better for christmas in my opinion. Imagine having that smell on your body at the festive season.. Sounds lovely to me 😍
Although from that, I love Humpty Dumpty, but the rest of the range didn't make me that excited. I love a lot of products for how they look and work like, but not quite like the scent of it. When I adore the smell, I don't like how it looks like, so... This year's Easter is not for me. 😔

Ickle Lushie Bot

I haven't tried that much of the Easter range this year, but my firm favourite is Golden Egg, I love a moisturising sparkly bath bomb and the scent is really lovely. I did prefer last year's version but I'm still loving this year as well.

Lush Hottie

Not a huge fan of funfetti, but I'd love a bath bomb with confetti as I used to love it in the Champagne Supernova one.

I'd love another HIWTK bath bomb, but the last one was discontinued so can't see that happening any time soon.


I'd love to see Walter Bunny, and Eggy Wegg back next year. Apart from funfetti I'd be happy to see any of it back to be honest, and golden egg only if it's in its old format.


I'd love a Walter Bunny scented shower gel.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I’d love to see Walter Bunny be released as a mainline product in the shape of Buffy. I’d also love golden egg (but the old formula) to become mainline too as I agree we need a mainline HIWTK bath product! 

For the next Easter release I’d like the carrot shower oil to return as I missed out on that last time 

Walter bunny definitely seems like a favourite this year 👏

Bathing Master

I’ve been asking for years for a Carrot/Snowman shower gel or cream. 

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Why did Lush remove the Honey i washed the kids bath bomb that we had i wonder?

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Bring back the Easter shower gels. Lush ‘13 Rabbits’ chocolate shower gel and bubble bath. I LOVED that one. 

THIS!!! We need more shower gels, and that would be such a cool retro one! @alecommy 

It wasn't as popular as some of the other favourites, especially when comparing to shoot for the stars which is/was a similar design and we get all of Christmas I suppose 🐝

Bathing Master

Absolutely agree with everyone saying more shower gels, would love that! I’m a perfume fiend so would also always love more things like perfumes/body sprays. Maybe in ‘Easter’ seasonal scents like with celebrate/once upon a time etc around Christmas?