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FUN! and Jellies Scent matching

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Hi Guys,


I went to Lush Oxford St. Store a few weeks ago - It had it's pro's and con's! 


when I hit the FUn bar I was like - well I literally have no idea what the scents are and even if you try and open up the packets, you don't get a whiff because your so surrounded by scents, so I didn't get any! 


I thought it might be fun to see which of them from the pictures you guys could tell me were what scent families if your up for it? 


The pix are below and here's a list of what scents I'd like to know please 🙂 

It might help others too who visit there and feel the same as me. 












Witches Cauldron

Time Traveller

















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Bath Submerger



I’ve listed the scents below. Hopefully it helps.



Beats. Maypole. It’s a sweet and creamy Mint.

Bongo. Mango & Coconut.

Conga. Raspberry and Vanilla.

Gong. Golden Pear. It’s a sweet and fruity yet ever so slightly spicy Pear.

Rumba. So White. It’s a crisp Apple.


Apple. So White, it’s a crisp Apple.

Blue. Black Pearl, it’s a deep and earthy Lavender.

Bronze. Yog Nog. It’s a very creamy yet ever so slightly spicy Popcorn like scent.

Gold. Honey I Washed The Kids. It’s a sweet and syrupy Honey scent.

Green. Lemon & Lime.

Orange. Orange.

Pink. Floral Vanilla.

Purple Sweet Berry.

Quicksand. Yuzu & Cocoa, it’s meant to be a Chocolate Orange but I always smell Coconut.

Rainbow. It’s a mix of about seven different scents including Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple.

Red. Mandarin & Orange. 

Silver. Aurora Borealis, it’s a fresh and tropical Pineapple & Mint scent.

Thunderbolt. Nevermind The Ballistics, it’s a sweet and creamy Banana scent.

Time Traveller. Callacus/Zesty. It’s a sweet and creamy Lime scent.  

Witches Cauldren. Lord Of Misrule. It’s a deep and spicy Patchouli and Pepper scent.

Yellow. Musky Vanilla.

Luke X
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conga shares its scent with the raspberry milkshake soap they used to do 😄


also this isn't to say i'm right because as op said there's SO many scents in the air it was hard to properly pick it up, but i didn't get so white from the apple fun? an obvious connection to make but it actually smelled more like the new apple crumble bubble bar to me! so i wouldn't say you're wrong just more of a question mark hovering over that one haha


(also i'm SO UPSET silver sounds awesome and i was there too a few weeks ago, i wish i'd picked one up now D:< )

Yeah Congo is very similar to Raspberry Milkshake but it’s a little bit creamier. Apple Crumble is more of a Red Apple scent where as So White is more of a crisp Green Apple scent but I get where you’re coming from. Also Eggy Wegg from the Easter range was the same scent as Aurora Boralis if that helps you.

Luke X
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Handmade Hero

Oh thank you for posting this, Fun is my absolute favorite product😍! I even use them as shampoo, works perfect! Lovely to see how many there are available, really wish they would put more of those online (or available in Spain where i live🤞). Especially the Silver one-can’t believe there is a Aurora Borealis scented fun bar😲🤩   Also love mixing the colors to make scent combinations- my favorite is the Blue/Green/Yellow mixed together 😋

Groovy Kind of Lushie

We are visiting next month! Thanks for the photos I’m excited! 

Handmade Hero

This is so helpful I've always wanted to know all the fun scents - thanks all!