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Father's Day range now online

Lush Hottie

What will you be buying if anything?


My dad likes the sounds of the shower gel, so I'll be getting him a bottle of that, and the Dirty shaving cream.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.
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Bathing Master

Personally love the two scent families, especially Fresh As, so I already stocked up on the shower gel. Bought a couple of the bath bombs and a deodorant too. Wish they'd bring back the solid shampoo, it was amazing!

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I will skip this Lush release 😌

Fresh Supporter

I ordered the RAD Dad and the Dirty Bath Bomb, as well as some other random things to make shipping from UK to US worth it. I don’t really love mint so I just didn’t go for the other shower gel. But, I think the RAD dad sounded really interesting. I love feminine scents, but something more neutral will be nice for when I want something different to use 


Rad Dad 

Bath Submerger

lucky you guys in the uk ,although germany had it out for a while the neterlands there is  still noting to see as yet  ,i  am  waiting for this release  so i can also order some of the new bubble bars together. i am going for raddad  showergel and  dirty bath bomb

Lush Team
Lush Team

I didn't quite like Fresh As parfume, but in a showergel it's so lovely I would buy the biggest bottle! (but I have to realise sometimes I have way too much Lush showergels then I would like to admit, so I have to hold back my spending me, for my responsible me)

Although Shaved Ice is not for father's day range, but in my country it arrived at the same time - I love it so much. I attend to have very dry skin, but Prince is just stuck and oily in my razor, so I'm in love with the new shaving cream. 

I'm glad you posted about fresh as perfume being different form the shower gel, because I didn't feel strongly about the scent 'fresh as' as a solid perfume, but if rad dad smells the same as 'fresh as' I may well give the shower gel a go, I really think some scents work better in different formats and are at they're best as a certain type! 

I tried the liquid version of Fresh as, but it was too strong for me. In the showergel, it's both refreshing and woody on my skin.

It's always better to try out any formats, because it always works different 😄

Lush Team
Lush Team

Rad Dad shower gel is definitely my favourite! Delighted it's Fresh As fragrance! 🌲 

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Bathing Master

The Father's Day range is one of the ones I most look forward to because it feels like it's the time when the demographic I belong to is most catered - but this year (like last) I'm disappointed.  I was hoping that this year we'd get the Dear John shower gel and bath bomb back. Or, if not those, something new and shiny to replace them. I'll be picking up the Rad Dad shower gel but other than that this is underwhelming.