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Fresh and Flowers so far


So its been 4 months worth boxes so far there has been fresh and flowers, I haven't missed any and I'm glad I haven't, there's been 16 different products over all the boxes so far, that's not including notes and flowers, or the brush that one time, i think its worth the money, this has become part of my routine and I've found it a great opportunity to use as down time at various points in the month/week, because I know I have it in the fridge. 


So far products I love have been glen cocoa, which blew my mind 

Pink brush stokes, this is unreal how good it leaves your skin and smells, I look so fresh its unreal after this

Tumeric cleanser roll

Avocado ice cream 

and the cucumber eye pads - these smell so good 


I think the boxes are doing great and are right on track, this last months was very pink and sweet so I get why next months is a bit more earthy and woody, the first box was valentines themed and the other one was the fresh paris theme which was light and airy, I really love the vibe they are going for, really looking forward to what I believe is a cocktail scented soap, i hope that exotic woodyness comes over, and herbalism is a great product, doesn't strip but cleans off nicely, and I like the smell. 


whoevers coming up with the masks is nailing it as ive loved all of them, theyre so flippin good. 

Downsides are that the eye pads can only be used once, and i don't want any more scrubs just yet, just because i have still got the last two to work through a bit more, but these products have all been great and really a good balance imo 


I look forward to enfleurages in them in the future, maybe a lip balm, but whatever is in them I'm happy as the box just nails it for me, thanks Lush 


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Ickle Lushie Bot

I lobe the effleurage products and can’t wait if they make a appearance I agree with the eye pads so nice but disappointing that there one use only I have quite a bit of scrub left  and some of the fresh masks so thinking of skipping a month so I can use the products up no point in paying out for something similar when I Have loads to use 

I love these enfleurages, I've got a few now they are £6 in Oxford St, they're really lovely!

Groovy Kind of Lushie

They're £6 now??? When I was there they were £14!

I know it's unbelievable isn't it? 

I was gobsmacked when I saw they were £6 as I'd got someone to get them for me and they were 14/16 for two diff ones, so I'm wondering if there's a price up whoospy, but I'm emailing them today anyway as my 'mud' smells like a greasy Chinese spring roll and need some advise on it so I'm going to mention it and see what gets said! I'll let you know 👍

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I've been eyeing the boxes for a while and only just subscribed for the upcoming box but I think they were all lovely. I really hope I'll get to try Avocado Ice Cream mask at some point as it sounds amazing. I didn't get that box as there was a facial scrub in it too and these are a big no-no for me.


I got the enflurage that was in the first box from Oxford Street and it was absolutely amazing so I hope to see more of them in the boxes! A lip balm or lip scrub would be great too. And a bath oil! I know the boxes are mainly skincare but bath oils were so small they wouldn't take much space in a box and they were so moisturizing and luxurious (not to mention they looked like artisan candy 😍). I think they would make a nice addition.

did you see the video for avocado face mask? you could probably knock that one together yourself - clay isn't too hard to get hold of, love your ideas,  a lip blam, (exclusive) like a new one, that would be wicked, and a bath oil, sounds really lovely 😍

Lush Hottie

I wish I didn't have such incredibly sensitive facial skin, as I'd love to try all of these beautiful sounding products.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

i wonder if avocado ice cream would be suitable for you? its super gentle, but i have no idea what your sensitivities are so I can understand your just staying on the safe side

Bathing Master

What a lovely roundup of the boxes, I've loved them all too - I think they've been curated really well.


I seem to feel like I'm saying this was my favourite box every time the new one arrives ❤️

same with me, its really great as it means we love something from each of them which i am so glad about, really love pink brush strokes, its made m fall in love with blackcurrants x

Bath Submerger

I live the scrubs and cleansers best. I loved both brushstrokes, pink and normal.