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Halloween and Christmas spoilers 2021


Okay, So we are starting to get spoilers for the new products this year, what are your opinions on them? What do you look forward to? 



I'm really looking forward to the lip scrubs and the Octopus jelly. I'm also dying to try the ectoplasm shower scream. 

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Bath Submerger

Thank you!!!!! All looks good. I'm suspicious that that might be an old photo. But product list looks promising! 

Honestly, the photo isn't loading for me but if you want nosey lushies full of spoilers, Reddit is the way to go.     

: D

Bathing Master

Hoping for bat bath bomb and pumpkin spice soap. 

??Anyone know what scent Octopus jelly might be? ?


Excited of the possibility of Junk shower gel and want it to be dark purple. 

Ectoplasm shower scream will be fun. 

Glad for Jolly and hope it's color is like Volcano bubble bar. 

Really happy for Plum Duff. I think I will really like it. 

Always love the bath bombs. 

Thank you, Lush! 


I think that Octopus shower jelly is gonna be something deep scented. Maybe nightwing scented? Rentless would fit it well. I have heard that the screamo bubble blower is gonna be happy blooming scented, so coconut and cherry. : )

That made me think of the  scent of the black ninja bath bomb, but I don't think that was Rentless scent. Do you know if there has been a product in the Rentless scent yet? 

The metamorphosis bath bomb was rentless scented. : )

Thanks.  I liked that bath bomb. ☺

Ickle Lushie Bot

No mention of Once Upon a Time body lotion yet. 😢 I think it’s been around for the last few years now so I was hoping that meant it was popular and becoming a bit of a Christmas regular like snow fairy. I’m keeping everything crossed, I love it so much.


Jolly and Plump Duff shower gel sounds like it will be good, and I’d love to see the Snow Fairy body scrub from the kitchen box again. 😊

True. Maybe they are trying to reformulate it because a lot of people were complaining that it made their skin look green and that it stained white clothing...


Plum Duff is going to be the same scent as the bath bomb they had years ago. It may rival a little with SF though. : ) 

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Plum Duff sounds interesting.

Also I find it quite strange they're bringing back Lord of Misrule shower gel when it was discontinued earlier this year. Not complaining though as it is a great scent.


I hope they will bring back Golden Pear soap in the original shape because it was stunning. And how great would Golden Pear shower gel be? I imagine deep orange with lots of golden luster. And while we at it, I would love a lotion or a body conditioner too! Maybe one day 🙏


I would also love to see Buck's Fizz body conditioner, Jilted Elf scented bath bomb and Yog Nog body butter.

Jilted elf everything would satisfy me. 

Also, If I could walk out of my house smelling like spiced pear drops it would be a dream. How much more winter could I get? 

Oh yes Bucks’s Fizz body conditioner!! Would love to see that come back and a matching Bubbly shower gel🤤

Bathing Master

It’s mind-boggling how LUSH makes some of their decisions. I just don’t understand why they haven’t made Golden Pear shower gel or Snowman  shower gel.  Heck, release Christmas Eve shower gel or perfume!!! Why do they keep trying to make knock offs of Cinders? Why not  just release Cinder’s shower gel?  I wish Lush would give us a Community Perfume holiday release like years past and not a body spray release. Those black bottles are so tacky looking.