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Heading to the website next week...


Deliciously indulgent, full of almond butter and absorbent cocoa powder - heres a hint of a treat coming your way next week:




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Lush Hottie

You're such a tease @KaiW 😀

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Like to keep you on your toes 👀💃

Bath Submerger

Will this be available in stores when they reopen?

Luke X
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It will be🤞

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Oooh what could this be @KaiW it sounds like a chocolate smelling body lotion? 🙏

It’s a fresh face mask called Glen Cocoa it’s predecessor was cupcake. It was in a fresh and flowers box 

Oh right! How did you find out what it is? 

The gif relates back to a scene in mean girls which is about giving someone called glen coco a candy cane so it was Mai my from that. It’s on the website already without a price so I double checked the ingredients hunted from Kai’s hint. 

I haven't watched that film in ages, but now I really want to lol.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

I haven’t smelt it but I’m hoping it smells amazing! 

I was going to save getting an order until 12th April when shops open in the UK so hopefully it’ll be at my local when stuff opens back up 

You may just be in luck 🤞

That is so Fetch

Oh ofcourse!!!! It's been ages since I've watched it. I still have the dvd lol. Points to you for that 👏👏

Omg you are such a detective! Haha I did get this in the fresh and flowers box and it is 😘👌