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Is Lush drying out my hair?


I had my hair cut at the end of April after lockdown and my hair felt really healthy and soft. I can’t recall exactly when but around this time I bought a small tub of Big hair shampoo and loved how shiny and soft it made my hair, especially as I never got on with Lush shampoos back in the 2000s. I then bought a big tub of big ... but being encouraged by big I wanted to try other shampoos. But I went a bit crazy and tried all sorts like the juniper shampoo bar (I have to wash every other day due to the roots getting a little greasy even though the mid lengths and ends tend to be normal/dry) then the lemon one then angel then coconut rice then wasabi! Well by the time I got to wasabi my hair felt like horse hair! None have changed the roots situation and I feel like I’ve damaged the rest of my hair. So then I got fairly traded honey and Jason. They are lovely and nice soft lather but my hair is still squeaking when I squeeze out water ready for conditioner. I’ve mostly been using candy rain and power conditioners during this time. Is this normal? It looks ok but mid lengths and ends feel coarse, I can’t help thinking it’s Lush shampoo especially after I was told on live chat that the bars contain more SLS? Also have you noticed a difference between lathering in your hands first or using directly on your head and hair? Am I using too much shampoo? Any thoughts gratefully received! Thanks 

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Ickle Lushie Bot

I have quite thick, wavy hair and switched to lush shampoo bars about 3 - 4 months ago. I started off with one I received in the lush kitchen box and it worked well, but I wanted something better suited to my hair so I bought Jason. It made my hair lovely and soft, but as you said it was quite squeaky before conditioner, and paired with American cream pressed conditioner (which I had also just switched to) my hair turned out very fluffy when dry. I used up the bar to give it a fair try, and tried out a few different conditioners and styling products with it (some non-lush) but I still wasn’t sure so I switched to Honey I Washed My Hair. I’m now a month in to using it and I love it. Still slightly squeaky before conditioner but it works well with my routine and I have none of the fluffiness I got from Jason. The American cream pressed conditioner had to go though - I found that was half of the cause of the fluffiness for me and also my hair felt greasier between washes. 


So far I have been lathering the bar in my hands and then applying it to my hair, as I have seen quite a few reviews saying that using the bar directly on your hair can be quite harsh. Its working well so far, other than a few cartoon moments where the bar keeps slipping out of my hands and I’m frantically trying to catch it. 😂


I think it might take a few tries to find the products that work best for you, but I would recommend not changing too much too quickly. Good luck with your search. ☺️


I know I got carried away with experimenting, not thinking my hair would get dried out like this. It was at its worst after using wasabi and coconut rice. I will keep using the liquid shampoos and my other shampoos for now as well as a combination of conditioners but I definitely want to hear others’ experiences. I also have the American Cream conditioner bar but I only bought it for travel, it’s just not moisturising enough. 

I find American cream better in the bottle

Lush Hottie

As you say, you've certainly used a combination of products which wouldn't have helped. Of course it's possible that you're applying too much product, which I have been guilty of doing in the past.

Our hair sounds very similar, but every 3rd cut I get them to run the thinning scissors through it. I find that by having that done, using just a small amount of shampoo, and leaving the conditioner in for 5-10 mins has really improved the condition of my hair.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Sure. Why would using a combination not have helped though? I get that I can’t monitor the effects by swapping so much, is that what you mean? 

Yes, you could have product build up in your hair due to some of the shampoos which might be why your hair was dry. Unless you don't like the smell of a product, or it iritates your scalp I'd certainly use it for longer to see the effect.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Why would product swapping cause build up? I had thought that build up was from using the same thing over and over? To me it seems like it got worse from using the shampoos bars (it was good before I started using them and wondered if the stronger concentration of SLS was to blame) as I’ve mainly used these and want to know what others think and what their experience is ....

My hairdresser told me that, that's a myth about product build up from not changing your shampoo, and conditioner periodically. In your case, the build up could have been caused by the ingredients used to make the shampoo bars solid. Using too much shampoo can equally cause product build up, I think that once you find a combo that works for you, then stick with it. 

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Interesting, thank you for sharing. I imagine there are other factors and I could certainly leave an extra day between washes every so often and leave it to try naturally a bit more. 

Handmade Hero

I use American cream condioner and the stout shampoo my hair is really soft after the first wash

Bath Submerger

I've been using the stout shampoo for as long as it's been around. Ridiculous that it's only available online now. The best shampoo they do imo

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I didn't pay attention to whether my hair felt worse after mainly switching to Lush haircare, but I use SLS-free products most of the time and occasionally use ones with SLS.


SLS-free products are less harsh on my hair but from time to time I need a more deep cleanse so I use shampoos with SLS.


I think that Wasabi can make your hair a little dry if you will use it every time you wash your hair, but it depends on your hair type.


I think Candy Rain and Power are enough or almost enough to prevent split ends (of course, there will be some as it is inevitable but the ends will overall look ok). But note that I use mostly SLS-free products and apply hair oil/serum after getting out of the bath.


If it helps to know I think my hair type is 1C, low porosity. 

Re American Cream solid, I have only been able to use this by sticking it in a hot cup of water before use and even it doesn’t feel that moisturised after washing, but I got it for travel purposes. 

Ickle Lushie Bot

My scalp most definitely doesn't react well to shampoo bars containing SLES, that might be part of what you're struggling with as well. Those make my scalp feel dry, itchy and flaky. I prefer the shampoo bars with SCS, which is still a sulphate, but a milder one. My scalp can handle the liquid shampoos containing SLES as they're less concentrated, but I do use a shampoo bar every other wash – I wash my hair about once a week, and rub the shampoo bars directly on my head.


Candy Rain is a great conditioner, and I do love using a hair treatment like Jasmine And Henna about once a month for extra softening.