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July Fresh and Flowers menu up

Ickle Lushie Bot

Menu is out. I’m hoping someone more tech savvy will post it in the conversation??

Not sure about this one. I’m just not sure how good they are value for money wise. 

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Ickle Lushie Bot

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 hoping this works 

Ickle Lushie Bot

I like this one 🙂 I like the summer theme and apart from big blue they're non-mainline products that I haven't tried before. 

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I’m not convinced about value for money either. The sunglasses eye pads seem a bit tacky and I feel really disappointed that they’ve included a bath bomb. I would’ve preferred a fresh lotion/moisturiser/cuticle butter. Or even a solid face serum would be nice!  With the showder and bath bomb it just feels a little too much like the kitchen box products. 

I’m waiting for fresh moisturiser/ effleurage or even fresh eye cream to try tbh

Lush Team
Lush Team

AAAWWWWWW watermelon facemask,i want this so badly 😥😭 

Bath Submerger

Hmmm I’m not to sure about this one either the eye pads seem a bit tacky ? The showder seems interesting but if it smells like beach not sure if I will like it tbh and bath bomb seems a bit out of place in this box would think that’s more the kitchen box the soap I dunno Tho k I maybe skipping this months as well as last months nothing seems to be grabbing me to try it as for the value

im not to sure either tbh bit gutted 

Bathing Master

I like it. The mask looks amazing, the shower is apparently vanillary scented and I'm glad they are mixing up the eye pads I was getting bored of the rose and cucumber ones, much as I liked them they were all the same. Only thing I'm not a fan of is the bath bomb and even that's OK.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Skipped ... again...

Groovy Kind of Lushie

i love it! i really wish i could be getting the box here in Belgium!


Handmade Hero

First box I've subbed for as I'm not a fan of the "roll" formula products that have been in all the previous boxes. And have a this will be my last box when they go back to putting those back in. 

Ickle Lushie Bot

This is the first Fresh & Flowers box I’ve signed up for. The summer theme seemed fun, I’ll be needed a new soap by the time it’s delivered and the face mask sounded so refreshing too! Can’t wait to try this out. 


This is the first box that I'm seriously considering signing up for!

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Handmade Helper

I'm really looking forward to this box, I do like the theme it seems like its fun and it'll be lovely for the holidays

Bath Submerger

second skip in a row for me 😭

got selkie in birmingham last month, don't have a bath and then two items have watermelon in...and its my main allergy lol 💀