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Lets talk Easter


After receiving my easter order yesterday I thought lets start an easter thread for peoples first impressions of this years range! I personally went straight for Humpty Dumpty and paired it with Walter Bunny (Along with Glen Cocoa facemask) for the sweetest, chocolate-y rich bath! 

 Heres the range!Heres the range!Humpty Dumpty & Walter BunnyHumpty Dumpty & Walter BunnyHumpty Dumpty CentreHumpty Dumpty Centre


I want to know what everybody else's stand out products are? Is there any scents you'd love to see in a different format? Any products you'd like to be added to the core range?  Is there any past products that didn't return that you wish did? 

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I tried Follow the white rabbit bath bomb  yesterday and absolutely loved it. I love the Carrot scent, it definitely should be made into a body spray and a shower gel next year (Even though the gel would be a great idea for the Easter kitchen box, considering that there was no shower gel in the vote). I paired it with Singing Daffodil bubble blower



But my favorite product this year was Walter Bunny body butter. Wow!!! It is great! Definitely one of my favorite products of all

time, I got two but I’ll have to get a couple more before it sells out.

A carrot body spray would be great, any-easter edition body spray would be a welcome edition! Definitely think Walter Bunny is up there with most popular products this year 🙌

Lush Hottie

Walter Bunny is perfect as he's cute, smell incredibly yummy, and leaves my skin feeling super soft. I'd love for him to be added to the core range.

Eggy Wegg is another wonderful smelling product, and I'd love a shower gel/jelly in that scent.


I would've loved to have seen Cream Egg Bubbleroon return as I loved the scent, and it lingered on my skin for hours.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

I second Walter Bunny being mainline! There definitely isn't enough chocolate scented goodies on offer! 

I love the idea of an EggyWegg Jelly! Also would love to see some future products with the minty goodness that is the cream egg scent in future releases 🤞


I haven’t used it yet but I love the smell of ‘Flamingo Egg’, it smells like lemon sherbets! 😍

I also brought ‘The Owl and The Pussycat’ and I’m surprised by how big it is? You could easily get two baths out of it if you wanted to! 

The inserts came packaged completely separate because it wouldn't fit in the section! Definitely a good thing though, since snow fairies a way off yet  so drag out the sweet baths! 

Yeah I noticed that!

Bathing Master

I used my flamingo egg last night, it was a beautiful bath. Smelled lovely and sherberty. The water looked amazing and it was a good slow fizzer. Definitely going to get another. I’ve also been using the avo good easter soap, they’re so good and smell amazing. 

I'm a big fan of the avocado co-wash scent in any format (missing the shower gel!) yet to try Flamingo egg so will look forward to that tonight!

Groovy Kind of Lushie

What is that inside humpty? Is that a separate little bath bomb or a jelly?


I don't really use Bath bombs, my tub is way too small to relax properly in - I can have my chest or my knees submerged but never both - so I can't justify the price really but I'm tempted to try this little feller before he goes, the little egg is intriguing me 🤗

It's another bath bomb (Shaped like a fried egg!) So in theory humpty dumpty is big enough you can crack it on the side of the bath and use it for a couple of baths 😁

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Thus sounds adorable, I might just go for it 🤗

Bathing Master

I’ve just placed my Easter order! I’m super excited for Humpty Dumpty with the little egg inside. I can’t wait to try Avo Good Easter soap as I never got a chance to get one last year.