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Handmade Helper

Howdy team!

With Christmas approaching, I thought I'd share a little article I wrote for Lush Labs about #LushTraditions 

A Lush Tradition is something nostalgic and comforting you do each year - it just doesn't feel like Christmas without it!

Have a read and lets get the ball rolling and talk about your favourite Lush Traditions, remember to use the hashtag 😁

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Lush Team
Lush Team

Lush Christmas really starts for me when I get pulled away from my desk and asked to help in a room. It doesn't matter if it is Gifts, Bubbles or DF its just a threshold that once I have crossed it I start to feel likes we are nearly here.  I like feeling a more practical sort of useful, making something that is going to make sales and smiles. That and Fairy tale of New York coming on the radio.

Lush Team
Lush Team

It starts this Friday with the first super early Xmas product delivery! It literally changes the smell of the shop (although defo going to have to spray some newly named Once Upon A Time body spray around for good measure as that was always the one overriding product!)
It’s only September but we put on the Christmas music, get a festive coffee and some chocolate for breakfast. 

I think we’re pretty lucky that we get the worlds longest festive period so our team always makes the most of it haha! 🎄 🌟 

Bathing Master

My favourite LUSH tradition is going to my local store on launch day, going through all the product with the girls who work in my store and chatting about our favourites and finding old scents in new products! It gets me in the Christmas spirit! 🎄

I also always have a Christmas Day bath, with my favourite seasonal products - probably the best part of Christmas Day! 🛁