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My first Fresh & Flowers box!

Groovy Kind of Lushie

After seeing the menu for June, I finally gave in and subscribed 😊

I'm very picky with my skin products so I've been waiting for the right menu for me. Most likely I won't be getting this box every month or even most months but I really wanted to try it at least once.


I like the sound of the fresh face mask and looking at the ingredients, I think it will work nicely for my skin type. And the eye pads look so pretty! The gourmet soap looks nice as well. I saw it at the Oxford Street store and it was £9 so I assume it must be good 😝

I have a question though for people who had previous boxes. Are the cleanser rolls exactly the same as the potted ones sold in stores? Looking at the ingredients of Herbalism this month, it looks the same just with added flowers. If they're the same, I assume they can be used within 3 months as well?

Also are the eye pads reusable?


What are everyone's thoughts on June's menu? And on the F&F box in general?

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Groovy Kind of Lushie

Eye pads are one use only unfortunately and the rep is £3 or was for the cucumber and rose ones as they have them in Liverpool, the scrubs and roll are still use within 3 months and they sell the illipse of fath and other ones in Liverpool too so I’m assuming most anchor stores 


im not that keen on this months scents as to me it’s going to be really earthy and grass types which I don’t like so I’ve skipped the only thing I’m gutted about is the daisy eye pads, the fresh and flowers box all I would say is expect the flowers to be bashed a lot but it’s good there usually with u within 24 hours of dispatch but they don’t keep them refrigerated in transit and there not much padding so some things may be bashed a lot  but I do like some of the boxes last months box was my fav so far and I for the first time one with brush strokes in and had a brush with it which was great value as the brush alone was £18 

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I was going to skip this one as the face mask and cleanser looks aimed at oily skin. But I’m reconsidering as I do enjoy getting it. I hope there’s 2 pairs of eye pads to make the box better value for money. 

Bathing Master

Oh I hope you like it!  I just missed out on subscribing for the Feb box but I've had every one since then and I think they've been fantastic! I also think they're really good value for what you get in the box and I've often been surprised by how nice everything is.


The little posie of flowers are normally a little tired when they arrive but I snip a little off the end and get them in some water and they perk up. 


I'm really looking forward to the fresh scents in the June box, hopefully it'll be accompanied buy some sunshine ☀️