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New UK website


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Hi folks!


Just wanted to let you know that the UK have now launched their new website and app! 


Some of the improvements include a speedier checkout and optimised search facility.


Check them out and feel free to feedback.



Here are some FAQs I thought would be handy:


Can I log in to the new site and app using my existing logins?
If you have an existing account on either our website or app, you will need to create a new one. The account will cover both app and web, and we’ve exciting things in the pipeline to make your experience even better!

I placed an order yesterday, how can I access my order details?
Your order will be unaffected by this update, so please watch out for your dispatch email as normal to track your delivery. If you have any questions about your order, please reach out to Customer Care through our new Live Chat service on the app or website.

Will I have access to my old order history?
You won’t be able to access your previous order history via the website or updated apps however you should still have access to your order confirmation emails in your inbox from when you placed the order. If you have any questions on historic orders, you can get in touch with our Customer Care team via Live Chat.


There's a link here to our digital ethics



Let us know in the comments how you get along with it! x

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I'm getting an error 404 message on the site now. @Cloudymazoo the reviews are still there, but not on all the products yet.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

yeah it's totally crashed for me

It worked for a minute, and then crashed again. I suspect that they're still tweaking the site behind the scenes.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Oh great! I guess they still need to move all of them over😅🙌 Thank you👍

No problem, and like you I find the customer reviews really helpful when deciding what to buy.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Handmade Hero


not sure if I’m just being unobservant but the entire concept of the wishilst has vanished. Having to re create my list is a mild annoyance but no wish list at all is a game changer... perhaps not for the better. 

Bath Submerger

i won't touch on the points everyone else has already brought up (no wishlist, wth?!?!) but i just wanna say i HATE this design with a burning passion, i'm sorry. maybe i should've seen this coming ages ago when product pages got updated with gifs at the top but... that massive gif on the homepage is HORRENDOUS and hurts my eyes so badly. i have super sensitive eyes and BOY do i feel for anyone with actual epilepsy... i appreciate the slick, modern aesthetic it's trying to go for but PLEEEEEEASE think about customer inclusivity and stick to still images! or at least moving images that move slow...

Yup, I really hate it too and don't want to browse it at all. I don't see what was wrong with the old one, I really liked it.

Bath Submerger

Yikes, that's a lot going on for a front page. Navigating the site without a drop-down menu and those swipe tags at the top instead is unnecessarily fiddly, as is bunching products together and filtering out what you do and don't want. Definitely needs a "sort new to old" option on the New Products page too. 

Bathing Master

Will there ever be a shipping to Canada option again for 4:20PM and Botanomancy?

Bath Submerger

Does that mean you've deleted all our personal data that was stored on our old log ins?

Bathing Master

Thank you to everyone who shared about eye discomfort. It is a relief to know it isn't just me. 😢 I had to close the webpage immediately. 

Bathing Master

Looks amazing at first glance but no drop down menu, odd groupings, lots of flashing images. Hurts my eyes. I would have thought with the pandemic lush would want to make their website easy to use (and it did need updating) but this is unusable. 


Also what about epileptics, people who use screen readers etc?


And new customers interested in the brand will have trouble exploring its almost like you need to know the name of what you want to find it. Not good for browsing. It looks really innovative at first but then I try to use it and all the flashing gives me a headache. I can't use this. Like at all, which means if we go back into lockdown no lush for me. Which sucks.

Bathing Master

Echoing what a lot of other people have said - really not happy with the new website. It’s unpleasant to use and as I understand it’s altogether impossible for some people depending on access needs. This really isn’t good enough and we should always be striving for better inclusivity and accessibility,


Less important, but I also miss having my order history and wishlist!

Groovy Kind of Lushie

It's annoying to have to creat a new account when I've had an online one with lush since 2013. I liked that it told me how many days of been with Lush. It was something small but personal. 


Also I cannot see a feature about creating a wishlist. These are great for saving your favourite products or sending to friends / family as a present list.