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Product Name changes

Bathing Master

Ok sorry if it comes out a controversial but I will explain


I get and respect Lush changing name products to be more inclusive (I.e r&b to revive, hair necessities to power etc) but why do we STILL have Coal face as a name? Something of it feel a bit irk to me. I just know some people who Would read coal face and see a wee bit of a micoragression within it. 

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Groovy Kind of Lushie

Lush has been saying for ATLEAST a year that they are going to change it's name, yet they haven't yet. Like other products with less obvious uninclusive names have been changed already but the one that is an obvious racist slur stays?


Bathing Master

I thought that name coal face was cool ...I mean it has coal and you use it for your that everything turns into a racial thing.

Bath Submerger



also, i'm not even that dirty minded and yet "american cream" has just never jumped out to me as a product i wanna use cuz...yeah. same for "lip service" 😳😳😳


and i mean "pansy" is literally "the olive branch" scent? so why does the perfume have that name? i get that it pokes fun with why the perfume was created in the first place (men asking for a "manlier" scent - so they gave it a name like that...). but ooooft. it's 2021. 

I think Pansy is a great name- it's irreverent and pokes fun at gender stereotypes. It's a shame that people are seeing negativity and offence where there's just creativity and little double entendres. 

Bath Submerger

Coal Face isn't a racial slur, at least not in the UK and not in normal usage. It refers to the literal coal face in a colliery and "at the coal face" is still a pretty common phrase. 

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Can someone please explain to me why hair necessities and R&B were renamed? Sorry if this comes across as ignorant but I can’t figure out why the names had to be changed 

Hi sorry for late as replying


my understanding is both names (R&B and hair nessiesties) both had connotations which could be deamed ad rascist as both products were designed with curly/Afro hair in mind and the name could be taken wrong


(most music companies have ditched the r&b term and hair nessities sounded too close to bear nessities which given is from the jungle book could be like a big no no) 

Because of the issues, when a lot of people took action in Black Lives Matter, Lush also consulted with several people about how to make the Lush atmosphere more poc friendly. They consulted with black activists and many other people, who suggested several changes. One of them was to change the name of R&B because it can have a hurtful meaning for many people. They also created the afro hair-care line by suggests, because they were told it's very hard to find something for afro hair and we should be more considerate to their cosmetic struggle, so they took action and made several products (which are by the way amazing and i love them all).

I'm glad they received so many feedbacks and they were really open to change or make new products too! I'm sure if you are keep banging at their door about your suggestion, they will answer you 🙂 Some things just needs more time, but it doesn't mean they want to hurt anyone of purpose.

I hope I could help! 😄