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Starting to worry πŸ˜₯

Lush Team
Lush Team

So, I have seen all the sneak peeks for christmas on Instagram and altho im excited for whats coming, im slightly anxious im not seeing Fairy-o shampoo. I though it would have been in the last kitchen box as a suprise item as it was an xmas theme box and was devestated when it wasnt, and from what I can see its not in the christmas product launch so slightly scared its now not coming. Had my wee snow fairy heart set on getting some 😭 

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Lush Hottie

Hmmm I wonder if its launch has been delayed for some reason ..... hope it comes out soon so you get to try it.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

It may be an exclusive in one of the Christmas gift sets or kitchen boxes. Last year there were even special Snow Fairy gifts with body milk and so on.


Ickle Lushie Bot

It’s definitely needed I need a huge bottle of it and a huge bottle of the body milk they did last year a 50ml bottle that was in the box was tiny and lasted a week if they don’t I’m going to be so disappointed as I love snow fairy 

Ickle Lushie Bot

I have a feeling it has been scrapped, or if it does come out, it will be in a limited release. The problem is that most people won't want to use it because of the pink pigment- it's really only suitable for those with pink hair or those who wanted pink hair. 

Community Manager

Ah, sorry for the stress and disappointment this is causing you! As with everything in the Lush inventors' brains, it can be a good while before it comes to fruition. Keep an eye out, but nothing is for sure at the moment.


In the meantime, what other shampoos of ours do you love (almost as much as Snow Fairy)?


Thanks Grace. Im just very impatient 🀣 iv been so excited since iv seen the first post on instagram about it as im snow fairy mad!! I had stocked up on the shampoo bars from last year so still getting through my last one of those (my teenage sons keep using them as they love snow fairy also πŸ˜₯) but I do love daddy-o also, its great for my blonde hair. 🀞 it comes soon, in 1kg bottles πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ xxx

Ickle Lushie Bot

I’m the same need fairy o in my life and the body milk they released last year to

Bathing Master

I hope they haven’t scrapped it - although I guess we do have Bleach London products to keep us going if they have.