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Testers and Samples


Do you remember being able to request these online pre-covid? Do you miss this? 

I asked on Live Chat about whether this might be reinstated from 19th July but apparently no information/guidance has been issued to staff as yet. 

I thought I might start a thread to show that we are keen to have this back again, especially when we can’t “pop to our local store” because it’s miles away! Who is with me? 😀

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Groovy Kind of Lushie

Yes please! I always feel a little awkward asking for free stuff in person so I only ever got samples online. I really miss them!

Community Manager

hey lovely,


please never feel afraid to ask for freebies; at Lush shops we love giving out little samples of products if you're not sure you wanna commit to a full bottle/pot yet. That said, samples are generally only given out after a consultation with a staff member, so we know for sure if it's the right thing for you - whether that's because of your skin's needs, favourite scents, or preferred strength of exfoliation. We'd hate for you to go home with a sample of something that wasn't the best option for you, in case that put you off our goodies! Y'know?



Community Manager

hey hey!


As a member of the team at HQ, I totally understand the need for samples to be an option for orders, and also how much that option is missed by customers right now. Unfortunately, what with Covid restrictions etc., it's just not as easy for team members to get into the factory/warehouse and make up samples for individual orders safely; we don't want anyone to cross paths with anyone and unintentionally endanger them. Hope that makes sense! Bear with us, we're doing the best we can and I'm sure the option will return soon enough.



Thanks Grace for explaining the situation 😊

Bath Submerger

I have ordered lots of times over the past year and each time requested samples, and haven't received any atall. I understand due to the current situation but Im hoping they do come back and not only in stores.