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The Black Curriculum Campaign - Teach Black History #TBH365

Lush Team
Lush Team

Lush Campaign with The Black Curriculum


Black history is British history. Teach Black History. #TBH365


On 17th May - 28th May 2021, Lush is supporting The Black Curriculum’s #TBH365 campaign, dedicating all 100 UK shop windows to highlight the lack of Black history taught in schools. 

The #TBH365 bath bomb (£5.95) will be sold for the 2 weeks of the campaign, with 100% of the proceeds (minus the VAT) going to The Black Curriculum to continue their vital work.  Shaped like a book, debossed with The Black Curriculum logo, this new bath bomb will leave a trail of shimmering gold and warm pink hues in the bath, emitting floral notes and sweet vanilla.

What are the aims of this campaign?

To amplify the message, that Black history is British history and to “re-image the future of education through Black British history” - The Black Curriculum.

Since the Black Curriculum was founded in June 2019, the team has been on a mission to create fully rounded citizens through the education of Black British history, both in and out of schools. The team is made up of like-minded, passionate and talented individuals, all working towards a shared goal of empowering young people in the UK with a sense of belonging and identity.

Black British history is not merely a theme for October, but started hundreds of years before Windrush and pre-dates European colonial enslavement. The Black Curriculum aims to address and overcome these limitations by seeking to provide a contextual, globalised history that roots the Black British experience in histories of movement and migration - 365 days a year. 

Why do Lush campaign? 

At Lush we see our values and not only something we believe in and stand by, but something we actively do. As we commit to ongoing anti-racism work, we are honoured to amplify The Black Curriculum’s message in our stores and across our online spaces, and help support fundraising for their incredible human rights and anti-racism work. 


Happy Campaigning!



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I love that you're doing this, and I hope that the campaign raises lots of money to help The Black Curriculum continue their vital educational programmes.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Me too! I hope this does good! It's apparently Grassroots scented. : D

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I love this! I do hope that this is comming to more countries and isn't limited to just the UK as this is obviously a world wide issue. 


Bath Submerger

What an amazing campaign to support. I really welcome this curriculum in schools.

Bath Submerger

I'm so glad Lush is open to our voices. When they made the 100 days plan, reorganised / named products because of hiding mikroagression in them for poc people. It makes me so happy, that I'm part of a workplace and community who cares about the message they deliver to so so much people.

Can't wait to hear more about it and I hope it will gain a lot of money for The Black Curriculum, so they can work in the future. 


This is now available to buy online

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Just picked it up from my local store. Looks and smells great. I'm so happy to see Lush support such an important cause 💗

How prominent is the ylang ylang?

If you like charity pot/grassroots fragrance you’ll like #tbh365