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Try it & Tell Us (3!)

It's been a little while, so here's the chance to try not 1, not 2 but 3 LUSH products as part of a whole routine!
How does it work? This round of Try it & Tell us compromises of the soon to be released Repeat foot balm, Pumice Power foot scrub and Volcano foot mask. If you’d love to put your best foot forward and try a full LUSH foot care regime, let us know below. We’ll draw out some community members' names who have commented in a random lottery (entries close 14/06/21), get in touch, and send out a very special parcel. Once your products arrive - try them, love them, and let us know what you think about them! 
Please note at this time Try it & Tell us is only available to Community Members within the UK&I. 
Update: Entries are now closed for this months Try it & Tell us - keep an eye on your inboxes you may just be expecting an exciting package soon 👏



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Ickle Lushie Bot

Yes please, my feet need some tender loving care. 

Bathing Master

Would love to try these, I always completely forget about foot care until summer comes round! 🥲

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I'd love to try these out if you'll let me. My feet could use a little TLC. 

Handmade Helper

I'd love to try these as after a 13 hour shift as a student nurse my feet often really ache!!!

Ickle Lushie Bot

I’d love to try a full foot regime please 🙂 My pumice power foot soap has just broken into 4 small pieces so love the idea of an actual scrub version! 

Fresh Wanderer

Oooo what great product for the summer 🥰 Would love to try 💚💚💚

Bathing Master

Would absolutely love to try this! From the names alone the products sound divine!

Fresh Supporter

Would love to try some new products to help out my poor feet.


Been working in York all the way through the pandemic, and I'm now nearly five months pregnant.  


Really enjoyed some of the scrubs you guys have done previously, and will definitely be in the market for these products depending on how the end up being reviewed.


Very happy to see the company putting people's needs and interests first. A company who listens is always wonderful 💖

Bathing Master

Would love to be part of the trial!

Handmade Hero

I'd love to try a full foot care regime

Handmade Hero

I'd really love to get the chance to test this out- I spend my whole working day on my feet and already use pumice power as part of a foot-care regime- would love to try it and see if I can switch the whole thing to Lush! 

Handmade Hero

Sounds great! My feet are less than desirable at the moment, have never really used the foot products before… would be great to try 🙂

Handmade Hero

I would love to try this footcare routine!

Bathing Master

I would love to try these! My feet need a bit of pampering. I was looking at buying volcano foot mask a few days ago but I was going to ask in store for a sample to try before I invested in a big tub.

Handmade Helper

I would love to try them! I use pumice power and volcano atm but am excited to see the new ones 🤞