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Try it & Tell Us - Product 2!

It's that time again...Wanting to try out some fresh new products? We’re looking for #LushCommunity members to use our latest fresh handmade cosmetics, and let us know what you think of them!


How does it work?

We’ve got a brand new product fresh out of R&D for you to try - you may have seen it over on @alecommy 's Instagram. You’ll need to have a bath and enjoy a long bubble filled soak for this months Try it & Tell us (as well as  being UK&I based). So... if you’d like to be one of the first to get your hands on Support Bubble Bubble Bar let us know below. We’ll draw out some community members randomly (entries close 12/03/20), get in touch with you and send out a very special parcel. Once your product arrives - try it, love it, let us know what you think about it!


Try it & Tell us.jpg

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Handmade Hero

This would be a dream! Please please please sign me up! I take four long baths a week for pain management and use a bubble bar/bath bomb everytime! I'm perfect for this Lush (: 

Dreaming of blue skies and fluffy white clouds

Handmade Hero

Oh my goodness. Sign me up for a bath any day 🙈 some good quality me time while on maternity 💜 couldn’t think of anything better 

Handmade Helper

SO excited for another bubble bar (loving Sleepy right now)! I obviously would love to try this! 



 Heres a little sneak peek incase anyone missed it 🙌🏽

So pretty 🥰

I wish you could smell a picture 🙈

Bathing Master

I hope I get picked to test out this beauty !😍😍

Bath Submerger

OMG... I hate that I saw this and my brain was immediately like "I want to eat this" 😭

Bathing Master

Oooh i would be so happy to try the new bubble bar pretty please! I looooove a really long baths so this would be amazing! 😄

Bathing Master

This is so exciting. I love his Instagram posts and stories. It’s really cool to get a behind the scenes to the Lush creative process. I take a bath pretty much every day so I’d love to test something out. 

Handmade Hero

I love trying new lush products!! I always use lush bubble bars and bubble sticks! And I spend about 2 hours soaking in the bath with a lush bath bomb... Or two 😁

Handmade Helper

Sign me up, this looks dreamy! Would love to see how many bubbles we can make out of this lil cloud ☁️💘

Handmade Helper

I love a new product especially if it’s a bath bomb or bubble bar 😍 would happily try this for you and give some honest feedback. 

Handmade Helper

I would absolutely love this!! Any excuse for a bubble bath and I’d feel special getting to try one first haha! 

My favourite bubble bar is Comforter😍