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Website unusable

Bathing Master

This is not a teething problems post. The website is physically painful to use for anyone with vision, sensory or headache issues. 


I also have serious safety concerns about epileptics using it. And no way will screen readers work. 


Legitimately can't give them my money when I want to because its unusable for me. Devestated given my long time live of the products. I've been into lush for 10 years. But lush isnt the only brand out there I'm sure I can find something else I love since they clearly don't want my money.


Also multiple reddit threads on r/lush raise these issues with not one positive comment.


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Handmade Hero

As someone who suffers from seizures, I am not able to use this website, and am considering filing a formal complaint to lush about the problem. I will no longer be shopping at lush.


it’s also a joke that my account has been deleted and I’m being told to make a new one. There is no reason for that to be the case when a website is redesigned, it is just causing unnecessary trouble for your customers and I really despise that they’ve decided to do it.


very, very unhappy. 


Bath Submerger

I totally agree.  I thought at first it may just be me.  It is just awful to use.  It takes me forever to find anything. Find it too stressful and give up with it.  The old website was so much easier.


Bath Submerger

I'm lucky enough not to have any sensory or other issues but even I am finding it too much. It is not a pleasant or easy user experience.

Bath Submerger

As someone who uses a Screen Reader I can confirm that it’s totally unusable. Sliders doo not and have never worked great with Screen Readers. I don’t understand the need for a completely new Site, the old one had it’s faults, but at least it was usable.

Luke X
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I know! I personally think it had something to do with the ASOS collab. Something bright, flashy and disorientating to lure new customers in. 

I totally agree. 

Luke X
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Bath Submerger

It's definitely one of those instances were "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". The new website is too minimal, so much so that it places far too much responsibility on the user to find products. It may be more aesthetically pleasing but that shouldn't be placed above usability. Just personally speaking, it feels a bit souless to me, not Lush at all. 

Bath Submerger

I agree the older versions was more friendly and easier to work around 

Bathing Master

I work for a charity that supports blind and partially sighted individuals and I’m so surprised that the webpage has taken such a huge leap backwards for accessibility, lacking even the very basics such as Alternative Text to describe pictures, which in the grand scheme of things is a small task to manage but it makes a massive different to the website experience of blind and partially sighted individuals.


My son is autistic and the relentless flashing images are just pure sensory overload for him. If there there was a button to ‘turn off’ the flashing and just let you scroll the pictures (they are pretty pictures, but Jesus not in this context we currently have them in) that would be so much better..