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What are your Lush essentials?

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Hi, I would love to hear what are everybody's essentials from Lush and why. By essentials I mean products that you always have and repurchase as you soon as you run out. For me that would be:

  • Dream Cream
  • Tea Totaler
  • Hottie
  • Tea Tree Water/Eau Roma Water

Dream Cream is the perfect moisturizer for when my skin is irritated or sensitive. I love using it after shaving too. Tea Totaler and toner waters are things I use in my daily skincare routine so I always have them on hand. Hottie became essential to me when I realized how wonderful it is for my aching legs and back after long hours of work. I swear it helps more than painkillers. 

What are your essentials? 🙂

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Bathing Master

My essentials are always growing but the ones I couldn’t live without and repurchase before I run out are

-avobath bombs

-cup o coffee scrub



Ickle Lushie Bot

My essentials are angels on bare skin and argan facial oil. I did like banana skin facial oil but that was discontinued.  Also silky underwear dusting powder. 

Bathing Master
  • Sleepy cream
  • tea tree toner water
  • lip service
  • yog nog shower gel (got a huge bottle at Xmas so it will last the year) 



Groovy Kind of Lushie



let the good times roll fresh cleanser 


herbslism fresh cleanser 


cup o coffee face and body mask


mask of magnaminty SP


HIWTK shower gel


Buffy body butter


Gorgeous moisturiser or Vanishing Cream (depending on the season) 


Sympathy for the skin body lotion


honey trap lip balm


helping hands hand cream


hottie massage bar


Aromaco Solid deodorant 


candy rain conditioner 


fairly traded honey shampoo (used to be I love juicy or Godiva before they were discontinued) 


Butterball bath bomb 


honey I washed the kids body spray


breath of fresh air toner water


full of Grace solid serum


pink peppermint foot lotion 


Bathing Master

That’s a long essential list... I think I may be lying to myself about my list when I looked upstairs at my stash 😂

Groovy Kind of Lushie

My essentials are: 

Ultrabland, Vanishing Cream, Tea Tree Water, Soak and Float solid shampoo, Candy Rain conditioner, Rose Jam shower gel, Rose Jam bubbleroon, Butterball, Twilight bath bomb and Sleepy bubblebar! Rose jam is my favorite scent family that Lush do and I always like to keep a Sleepy bubble bar in my cupboard as it's nice to use after a long day at work 🙂 

Bath Submerger

Jason shampoo, slapstick 7c, Lord of Misrule solid perfume and spray.  Before it was discontinued I would’ve included sugar daddy-o conditioner.

Handmade Hero

Slowly moving my whole body/face/hair routine over to Lush but for the moment...


  • Ultrabland (skin has never been clearer)
  • Imperialis (so lovely, smells amazing and reminds me of my first home)
  • Revive (I've got dry, wavy hair and it keeps it gorgeous)
  • Jasmine and Henna Hair Treatment (good when I can't have a haircut but split-ends get crazy)
  • Orange Body Scrub (great after a long day on my feet and the smell stays for ages)
  • Aromaco deodorant bar (new but already just the best)


Dream Cream

Eau Roma water

Baby Face Cleanser (When I'm lucky to get someone to send me them from Manchester)

Celestial and/or Cosmetic Lad


```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

My essentials that I absolutely couldn't do without:

Helping hands - only hand cream I've ever found that really works and takes away the redness from raw hands which get over washed covered in mud etc. regularly, I need it daily plus the smell brings me absolute joy I can't believe what an incredible hand cream this is.

Whoosh shower jelly- It's very enjoyable to use and the smell and ability to lather easily and nicely never gets old, it is a great pick me up scent for a morning shower, I prefer the smaller one. 

Each peach two's a pair massage bar - this literally does what it says on the metaphorical tin,(or as described on the main website) it energizes me, it's really great for a super sore back. 

American cream shower gel - it's just the best shower gel for washing and I think the American cream scent is at it's best as a shower gel, it has good memories tied to it to, of a very good day. 

Figs & Leaves soap - its the best soap ever, one of those must have forever scents.

Pansy perfume - best smell ever, can't go without having this in the house even though it's not a fixer of skin etc. but it's a sanctuary/happy/safe place mood inducer. 


Id also add Winter Garden bath bomb and Tisty Tosty bath bomb to the list if they were available because these have been very enjoyable over the last couple of months! great relaxers.  


p.s great thread! 

Bathing Master

Happy happy joy joy for my hair

Karma perfume

Magical moringa for my face

Bathing Master

Charity pot, tea totaler, sleepy lotion, 9 to 5 (I’m dragging out my last bottle - I’ll miss it so much!)