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What do we want in future fresh and flowers boxes?

Bath Submerger

We've had threads like this on the kitchen boxes so lets tell Lush what we want in future fresh and flowers boxes (or what we want more of).


I'll start:


  • Love the fresh scrubs keep them coming pleas
  • Matcha face mask (please please please)
  • Face mask pops
  • There are a lot of crystal soaps on the French site that Fresh and Flowers seems to be based on (I think they are called Crystal soaps my French is high school level) I'd like some of them in boxes.
  • Those 3 in 1 things looks good (I don't know how we'll they'd travel by post though to be fair).
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Bathing Master

Oooo, I have really enjoyed my fresh and flower subscriptions, I think their choices have been pretty spot on.  I would love to see the whipped crystal soaps too tho - they look so unique!


I've just had another peak - all of the Paris boutique products look so beautiful, I like the look of Bjork.  


I've been wanting to have a little holiday to Paris for a while, the boutique has been added to my Paris wishlist.


I'm really happy generally with the Fresh & flowers boxes, they've been great, I trust Lush to carry on as they are with this as they are going in a great direction and this box doesn't need any turbulence off where's its currently headed, I've had all the fresh & flowers boxes.

only suggestions id make is that aloe bamboo would have been better if it didn't break down as much as I had to put that in a spare empty tub. 

Id like to see more products like the enfleurage massage oils as that was gorgeous


I'm sure lush will phase in the fresh Paris products as it's a different market in the UK 

I do generally like them, my only complaint is the bath bomb in the February box, that wasn't fresh and available in the valentines section of the website anyway.


I didn't have any issues with aloe bamboo, I still have loads left though as it seems to last ages.

I think they put that bomb in because of the wish & the srkf acceptance message, as it was valentine's but singles get isolated at this time, so I think they did that to acknowledge people and we haven't had any more with bombs in so I can't imagine that's going to be a trend going forward.


I've got loads of aloe bamboo left too, it's super gritty I found, and I was wondering why they made such an intense level scrub but I realised it's because you can have it either super intense or just take a little and water it down in your hands to spread less product over the face, this way I found it better for me, I think it's gonna last so long though 

Lush Team
Lush Team

I just want to be able to have the boxes delivered to my area and id be happy 😂 i know I go on and on and on about not being able to get them but im just so jelous 😥 theres lots of products iv missed out on so far and im gutted. 🤞 this changes soon so i can join in and have some beautiful skincare 😁 (not that the shop hasnt got but its lovely to try new things) lush please make this happen so everyone can enjoy and the North isnt singled out, i feel excluded. X

So some bigger stores seem to be getting fresh products in as permanent part of the range, so this would look to be the beginning of fresh products in the UK, it's intriguing though as if this is true and there's a fair selection I've seen on Instagram stories for Oxford St store & Liverpool store, then it could make the fresh flowers box obselete....unless the fresh box evolves again as fresh exclusives 🤷 just thoughts of mine 

Ickle Lushie Bot

The flowers I don’t really see much point in yes there pretty but they don’t travel very well I would prefer a extra little product instead I lobe the eye pads and loving the face scrub can’t wait for this months box with the pink brush strokes 

Bath Submerger

I'd love to see some of the Hair Lab scalp masks in there. 

I second this, been really wanting to try them !

Groovy Kind of Lushie

YES this would be amazing 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽