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What's your Skin Hero?

Lush Team
Lush Team

Do you have a product which saved your skin? For example if you have an allergy or any type of skin sensitivity (fe. eczema) and the product helped you and your skin so much it was like a superhero feeling for you?


In my case, I have heat allergy, which means whenever my body makes more temperature (sweating), I'll have red itchy spots all around my body. I started using Tingle body conditioner after working out, and it cools down my skin so well it makes my allergy go away sooner than ever before. So Tingle is a must for me!


What was the product that changed your life? I would love to hear your stories! 🤗

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Lush Hottie

Baby Face cleanser was mine as I have very sensitive skin, and it was the only cleanser I could use. I've still got some, as a friend picked them up from a naked store as sadly it isn't a mainline product.

I'm also thankful for Cosmetic Lad, and Celestial moisturisers which both calm my skin down.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Ickle Lushie Bot

Banana facial oil was mine! Every time I felt like I was getting a spot I'd slather it all over my face at night and I'd have clear skin by the morning. actual magic. 

Wow that sounds like an absolute dream! 😍 Do they still make it? 

They discontinued it last year!

Bath Submerger

Once again, I am here to extoll the virtues of Spring Cleanser. Bunny Moon was great too, the calamine and the fact jelly doesnt dry out on your face really helped my psoriasis.

Bathing Master

Lemony flutter!!

I have patches of really dry skin on my wrists, knuckles, elbows and ankles. They get so dry it cracks and gets really painful.

until I started using lemony flutter, my standard for a good moisturising cream was that it was soften my skin and last most of the day, but If I didn’t apply it every day my skin would be exactly the same as before. Nothing was repairi N my skin, just temporarily softening it and preventing cracking.

then I started using lemony flutter and WOW. I love how it sinks into my skin, I don’t feel greasy or like I need to wash my hands after applying it. And if i forget to use it for a few days, it’s strong enough to keep it noticeably softer for much longer than any other product. But best of all, it doesn’t just act like a temporary fix, it actually seem to be healing the skin! I wouldn’t have noticed this except I have an especially painful dry skin patch by my ankle and thanks to COVID my follow up with a dermatologist keep getting delayed, so I’ve been trying to deal with it on my own for a year and a half!

I have pictures from a year ago, and when I compare it to now after 3 months of using lemony flutter, it’s so obviously repaired some of the deepest cracks! It not gone, but massively better, I lost my pot of lemony flutter for a week, and it didn’t start cracking or bleeding or giving me any pain- before it would start cracking in a day!

cant sing it’s praises enough. I doubt it alone will fully heal the patch of skin that was really bad, but it’s making feel like skin again, and the other dry patches are gone! Never going to stop using this!

Is the regular Lemony Flutter at all like the one in the Fresh and Flowers box? Because I love that and will require MOAR

Bathing Master

Lemmony Flutter is the GOAT for dry/cracked hands, it is a savior to my one recurring patch of itchy, dry skin I get seasonally. It also lasts FOREVER! For my face, I love Kalamazoo-I think it's often just chalked up to "that product for beards" (which is what drew me initially), but it is a gentle, pleasant smelling face wash. Movis is also great when I need a bit more exfoliation. My Favorite to address my facial needs though? Hands down Don't Look At Me Face Mask. I am very careful with masks/timing because I often find they draw impurities to the surface-so I don't want to do it the day-of an event/party/meeting whatever. DLAM has an immediate, noticeable impact on my skin though. I can do it before heading out somewhere and my face will instantly look brighter and, I dunno...perkier? I look markedly refreshed. Mileage may vary depending on your own skin types/conditions.