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Whats your sleep routine? πŸ’€


With it being world sleep day, and with more and more people having disruptions to their routines and sleep pattern from lockdowns - what better time to start a thread on everyones top tips to help with a good night sleep..?πŸ’€



I'll have to admit the one staple in mine is a spritz of twilight on my bedding. I'll try (and most the time fail) to not look at my phone screen for an hour before bed.  If i've got a big day coming up or didn't have the best night sleep the night before i'll have a hot (probably a little too hot) soak. And since i've been working from home a lot more Dreamtime temple balm has worked a treat in helping wind down after starring at a screen for most the day. 


Whats your sleep routine? How do you ensure a good night sleep? What products (Lush or not!) fit into your routine? Is there any products you'd like to see that are missing? 

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Ickle Lushie Bot

I have the same thing about not looking at my phone screen before bed! Sometimes I want to read but just don't have the energy to digest words after a long day so I've been finding graphic novels increasingly relaxing as well as a classic book. I've also definitely found that having a reader separate from my phone that I can also use with the light off is a great way to get me out of my screen addiction. 


I love using sleepy before bed and I also have some essential oils for pulse points that I like to use before bed and I'd love to see something like this at Lush! Not only can pulse balms be great for sleep health, but also for grounding yourself in times of stress. I know we have pulse balms like this available at spa stores but I'd love to see them in more scents and in an oil form. 

Ickle Lushie Bot

My family and I only use lush now πŸ˜‚β€ my nephew ADORES the Sleepy range. It relaxes him so well and sleeps through the night. Once the lockdown is eased I want to put the Beauty Sleep mask on him and see what he thinks of that! He loves being pampered. 


Sometimes I'll use a massage bar on the tops of my arms and on my legs, etc. There's nothing like going to bed feeling soft πŸ˜

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I don't really have a sleep routine as such but I found that if I have any trouble sleeping, I put some Sleepy solid perfume on my neck and writs and it works like magic βœ¨ It works so well in fact that I tend to stay away from most Sleepy scented products because they would put me to sleep right then and there πŸ˜‚

Lush Hottie

@KaiWI also find that spraying Twilight on my bedding helps to settle me down. I'm terrible for having my bath water too hot, and will have either a Twilight or The Comforter BB both of which helps to relax me.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Handmade Hero

During the start of lockdown I started having bad nightmares nightly and overall really started to get anxious around bedtime and needing to go to sleep in general. I was gifted the twilight body spray for Christmas along with with a sleepy gift set and it became a staple in my bedtime routine and made me look forward to bed again and really helped settle me. I owe huge thanks to Lush!

Lovely to hear you found something that helps πŸ€—

Bathing Master

Most of the lockdown I averaged around 5/6 hours sleep, being bored and not really getting out that much due to weather and etc nothing really helped but since my daughter has gone back to school and we are back in a routine, so I’d say routine is key to getting a good nights sleep, I’m getting around 7 hours sleep still not ideal but better. My favourite combo is either twilight bath bomb or comforter, some sleepy shower gel then the body lotion and of course twilight spray I only have a mini spray and will definitely be buying full size. My 6 year old loves to use the rainbow fun and then I plaster her in sleepy lotion and use the twilight spray on her duvet. I’m trying to get my hubby in to self care a bit more he’s a frontline worker and loves the sleepy bath bomb he doesn’t tend to use any body lotions but likes to use the shower gels sometimes even my snow fairy to wash his hands πŸ™ˆ I’d love to see the twilight shower come back ✨

Sleepy and Twilight shower gel do share the exact same scent (Just the consistency difference from the oat milk in Sleepy which also makes it more soothing on the skin)! 

Lush Team
Lush Team

First thing first, I always do my night skincare routine  which is Sleepy face - Coalface - Tea tree - Skin drink. I'm a morning shower person, so I just enjoy my time with my clean and shiny skin on my face, maybe apply some lip balm (Honey Trap) and use Dream Cream or Charity Pot for the rest of my skin, so I can feel like I cared about myself enough tonight. If nothing, it always makes me feel better, that I appriciate myself the best way I just can! πŸ˜

Love this πŸ‘ thats also such a great skincare routine! 

Bathing Master

I'm a terrible sleeper! The twilight/sleepy scent really relaxes me. I've been using the sleepy body lotion before getting into bed and I think it helps! I've used this works pillow spray but think I need to get the twilight spray for the bedsheets too - such a good idea! 

Any kind of lavender bath while using sleepy shower gel and beauty sleep mask really relaxes me with the lights off, candles on and silence or calming music before getting into bed πŸ’œπŸ’€