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Why doesn't the new website allow you to search by ingredients?! Website VENT!

Bathing Master

Among the MANY frustrations i have with the new website, a new one i've discovered today is that you can no longer search for an ingredient and see an ingredient page!

It was so useful for me, especially since my skin is sensitive, to be able to learn more about an ingredient, as well as have a link to all the products containing that specific type of ingredient.


Before you could type in 'Tea tree' and get all the product pages, but also all the ingredient pages with the different variants, like 'Tea Tree Oil' or 'Powdered Tea Tree'. It was so useful, and it helped introduce me to new products, like the Greeench. 

But now, the website expects you to just know this info in order to be able to find it. and you can no longer click on individual ingredients to learn more about them! 


I've tried this with other product groups as well like lavender, Irish moss/ seaweed etc and it's not showing all the products that have similar ingredients either, or the related ingredient pages. Before, even if you didn't know 100% about the ingredient you were interested in or concerned about (for allergies), you could type what little you knew, and it would always come up with plenty of ingredient pages in the search for you to figure it out.


Also, on a similar note, I HATE how the gift bundle pages don't have links to the individual product pages either. I wanted to know what was in the Buzz mouthwash tabs that is featured in the Buzz Mask It gift but there's no link to it's product page or even a good description or ingredients, so i had to search for the individual product page (spoiler, there isn't one!), and then i had to search on google, and use a cached version from the OLD lush website, just to get the ingredient and description!


If i'm looking at an individual product page,  say the twilight bath bomb, and then want to look at a facial cleanser like say aqua marina, i have to click back to the home page to get to the menu, then click on skin care, then I have to scroll through all the products that for some reason have been unnecessarily grouped together (the old menu you could go straight to cleansers from the top menu, but now all the skin care mean scrolling past lip balms and lip scrubs). The fact that users have to go back to the homepage from an individual product page in order to get to the menu is insane! 


Ughh, it's so frustrating and feels much less transparent, but also from a business standpoint, WHY???

Why would you want to make it harder for customers to find your products? I tried just now typing in tea tree, and The Greeench doesn't come up, even when i type in tea tree powder. Your users shouldn't have to try this hard to be able to find stuff!


i hate complaining about lush, i've been so loyal to them for so many years, but lately they've been making so bad choices, but this website is just plain nonsensical. I make websites for clients myself, and i'd be so embarrassed about this layout, it's not user friendly, and is so hard to navigate, and not having the same transparency with ingredients as before feels so off-putting, and not what i'd expect from a brand like lush.


And i'm not blaming the devs, it's clear that it's not a choice that's being made by them, and having worked with frustrating clients before, it's clear the higher ups who are making these calls need to listen to their team and their customers!


Normally i wouldn't make a long rant, but after reading that post from the lush dev team, i think it needs to be said! The more i've played around with the new site, the more annoyed i get, and it needs to be fixed! The old site was much better, and if the new site isn't ready then put it back to how it was until it's ready!

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Yesssss you nailed this detailed description of the issues, I have found the same too! Except for the gifts as I haven’t looked at those. I also have very sensitive skin and want to do the same as you. I hope it will eventually be looked at.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Not to sound crazy, but maybe they want it that way? Maybe they want it hard to navigate or confusing?


Think about it, They get a few new customers from the ASOS collab. The customers use the website to have a snoop about what they want. It's confusing to navigate so they spend longer on the site and the "Unrelated" products, like lip balms by the toothpaste or heck, near the facial cleansers, makes them think "ooh, that sounds nice" and it has the rabbit hole effect. They add it to their basket and more money is spent. 


I'm sorry I can't get the ideas properly in text but I think you catch the gist.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I get what ur saying but imo it's counter intuitive. If you want new customers to spend longer on your site and buy stuff you need to make iot so they can actually navigate it. Otherwise they will give up after trying for 10 minutes and perhaps not even look at the rband ever again.


Community Manager



I can assure you it's not intentional. That would be totally counter-productive and we'd hate to make life hard for our lovely peeps. Rest assured, it's being looked into now and hopefully (much like the wishlist function) it will be working soon!

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I agree. When the site was first launched i asked the chatbox about the ingredient pages and they said it was still being moved over. considering it's been like what? almost a month? i feel like they've had plenty of time and it isn't an excuse for it not being there yet. Honestly just reset the site back to it's previous version (if that is still possible). Lush is dipping hard in trust with Lushies and they would be truely tonedeaf if they would just ignore all the complaints and keep this site as is. 


Handmade Hero

I completely agree with everything you have said. They have also removed reviews and ratings from the website as well

Bathing Master

Let's face it, the new website is an epic fail, I for one have not even bothered with my usual browsing of an evening, let alone bought anything. On the upside I've probably saved money.

Community Manager

Thanks so much for this feedback, @fawkes. And to all of you who replied with yours, too! We'll be sure to feed this back to the relevant teams, and appreciate you bearing with us while the new website is tweaked and rejigged. It's a learning journey for all of us!