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FUN! and Jellies Scent matching

Hi Guys, I went to Lush Oxford St. Store a few weeks ago - It had it's pro's and con's! when I hit the FUn bar I was like - well I literally have no idea what the scents are and even if you try and op...

3.jpg fun.jpg


Hi, can you tell me which shampoos leave your hair the softest and tangle free? My roots tend to go greasy a bit too quickly so I was using the strongest/most cleansing shampoos but now the mid length...

FluffyBex by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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New UK website

Hi folks! Just wanted to let you know that the UK have now launched their new website and app! Some of the improvements include a speedier checkout and optimised search facility. Check them out and fe...

We_Are_Lush (1).jpg
Jon by Admin
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Hey! So the Lush UK site has a new design. What do you guys think? I personally don't like the new look. To me, it's a little confusing and disorientating. I much preferred ...

Ame_Crab_2 by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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Lime Bounty Consistency between US and UK

I feel like there is a huge difference between lime bounty that was in the box and the one that was released here in the states this weekend. The one from the kitchen seemed so think and buttery. The ...

Resolved! Any news on Repeat?

Does anyone know when Repeat foot balm is coming to stores? My feet are finally in summer flip flop mode and my heels are crying out for it, I’m holding out on getting anything else as I heard fav rev...

Weird Lush collections

So i was wondering if anybody here has some weird Lush things that they collect, besides the typical cosmetics you can buy in store ofcourse. For me i'm trying to collect most, if not all the Kitchen ...

YsorandomxP by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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Resolved! ASOS x LUSH statement

I know there has been some discussion about this the past couple of days but i haven't seen this article released by Lush shared in here yet so i figured i might be the one to do it lol. https://weare...

YsorandomxP by Groovy Kind of Lushie
  • 9 Replies
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Resolved! Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

It's my first time trying Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble and I wondered if there's anything else in this scent family or anything that would compliment it?And it glows in the dark?  (I had to look up...

rdelilah by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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Resolved! Freakin Ethics, How Do Those Work?!

The ASOS collab and impending partnership. The oopsy-accidentally-gave-to-an-anti-trans-organization. The anti-union efforts. The um...not paying employees in Australia. All of it. Lush has some major...

JurdQuik by Bathing Master
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Video for May Fresh and Flowers?

Was there a Mo and Claire video unboxing for May's fresh and flowers box? If so does anyone have the link please? I can find Feb and March on YouTube and I have April from the email, but I can't find ...

JoW by Ickle Lushie Bot
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Any else concerned about the recent collab?

I choose to give my money to ethical brands. It isn't always easy but with certian products like toiliteries it should be in theory at least. Lush marks themself as an ethical brand (manufacturing in ...

penguin89 by Bathing Master
  • 14 Replies
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