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Resolved! Halloween

Is it today it go live or tomorrow 

vicki3142 by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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The tale of Toby's Magic Cow

Hey all! I'm not sure how many of you have read the cute tale of Toby's Magic Cow, but I just read it again on and had to share it... Once upon a time, there was a boy and his sister, to...

Jon by Admin
  • 7 Replies
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Lush & Yodel📦

I just wanted to throw this out there. I’ve seen in recent months that Lush have been sending out larger boxes or guaranteed delivery boxes with Yodel. I remember thinking when I first noticed this ‘i...

Christmas Poll results! ⛄

Well that was a totally unexpected result to last week's poll of what you were most looking forward to from this year's upcoming Christmas range! 12 votes - Hey Hollywood! bath bomb 11 votes - Cinnamo...

Jon by Admin
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Toby's Magic Cow

Hi does anyone know if Toby's Magic Cow bath bomb is an online exclusive or available in stores ? Thanks 

Sparks by Bath Submerger
  • 9 Replies
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Dino and fairy

Yay so the kits are now on the website and I’ve ordered one of each and a Toby magic cow fell into the shopping basket at the same time oh and of course a intergalactic and a marshmallow world not tha...

vicki3142 by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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Thursday Thoughts #4: something SPOOKY this way comes!

Oh hello, my witchy pals. It's that time of year again, when things get a little creepy and tricky... 驪 I was never a huge fan of Halloween, before I discovered and immersed myself in Lush's spooky wo...

grace by Community Manager
  • 15 Replies
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SCS to replace SLS in shampoo bars?

The New shampoo bar in the advent calendar contains SCS which replaces SLS, and as I don't normally get on with Lush's shampoo I'm eager to see if this changes things. Presumably the rest of the range...

Resolved! Are the six bombs coming?

Hey everyone hope you’re well! I have to go into the city centre Friday for a meeting about finalising my masters dissertation )15,000 words nearly done!) (I’ve seen not much promotion about them so j...

No shipping from UK TO US?

Hey Lushies, I have tried a couple of times to order from the UK website but it says they aren’t shipping to the US. I don’t believe I had anything in my order that was flammable nor anything that was...


My advent Calendar came today the box is so so pretty, how am I going to stop myself from opening it to December so hard haha  good job my kitchen box came at the same time to give me something to ke...

My advent calendar has arrived a day early!

Good job I was here to take the delivery, as I dread to think where it would've been left. The reusable box is even more beautiful in the flesh, and I can't wait to try everything out.

Fresh & Flowers - Fresh eye pads - lets talk

Hi guys, Not seen so many posts about the fresh and flowers boxes on here, I can see everyone's pretty excited about Halloween and Christmas which I totally get. However who has tried the fresh eye pa...

Lakes bath bomb

Just tried my Lakes bath bomb from the Kitchen box and I love it! I saw that this, Diamond Dust and some others (Luxe?) were supposed to be becoming mainline soon, does anyone know if this is still ha...

squeaky by Handmade Hero
  • 13 Replies
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Halloween Goodies

I'm dying for Lush to release their Halloween stuff!what are you most excited for? Does anyone know when things will be released? I may have already asked this but I cant remember lolthank you in adva...

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