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Snow fairy !!!

Omg these snow fairy shampoo bars are absolutely amazing  if you haven’t got one, run and buy one or twelve who’s judging lol

So excited about that

Hello lushies, let me introduce, I'm a 26 year old austrian girl which felt in love with lush in 2018.I'm so happy to be a part of this amazing Community and so thankful because I've met so much great...

Hey Lushie

Hello to all lushies I’m so excited to be apart of this forum and look forward to chatting, sharing ideas and tips as well as getting over excited at all the new releases!

Mattchue by Bathing Master
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Hey lushies

Hello to all lushies I’m so excited to be apart of this forum and look forward to chatting, sharing ideas and tips etc with one another! Our lush community is awesome! On Instagram, Facebook and Tick-...

Lushieuk by Bath Submerger
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Resolved! Granny Takes a Dip Appreciation Club

Hey Y'all I'll start this topic of by introducing myself a bit: I've been a Lushie for 5.5 years now and a current employee. When i first discovered Lush in store the very first bathbomb that drew me ...

YsorandomxP by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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Hi everyone, I just wanted to tell you how much I'm excited about this forum! It's such a great idea, and I can't wait to read all your posts and get to know each other. Our lush community is amazing ...

Resolved! Christmas Advent Calenders

It seems I was a bit slow to the party this year and missed preordering the Lush Christmas Advent Calender. So gutted! When do you normally sell out by? It seemed wrong to start to think about Christm...

1 more Sleep....

“Beauty Sleep sounds like a product we’ll still be selling in 20 years' time.” Mark Constantine Who's excited about this indulgent face and body mask launching tomorrow? Zzzzzzz

Kel by Lush Team
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Under my ☂️

Does any one know when the lush Umbrellas will be arriving? I don’t want my customers getting wet in the rain when outside! X

11791 by Handmade Helper
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Anybody else on GLAMGEEK? (Review Website)

Hi folks, Just wondering if any of you review products on the GlamGeek website/cosmetic encyclopedia? It's very addictive, but so far there's only 51 Lush products on there, some long discontinued. I ...

Screenshot_20200924-183043_GlamGeek.jpg Screenshot_20200924-182824_GlamGeek.jpg Screenshot_20200924-183028_GlamGeek.jpg

Christmas Top sellers predictions!

Happy Christmas Remerch Day!! With our shops looking  all ready for opening tomorrow, what are your predictions for our Xmas range? Any particular gift or product you think will fly out the door (Min...

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