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General Lush Kitchen Feedback

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I’ve just been having various thoughts I wanted to reel off.


I think it’s plain that pretty much everyone is disappointed with April’s box. It’s almost a climax of what’s been a steadily decreasing excitement about the kitchen boxes - in my opinion.


Many are calling for lush to take on our customer advice which many believe they haven’t. I think they have, just not our main wants (which is bizarre to me)



I can recall people asking for:

• more swag/merch in boxes - which we’ve now received although I was thinking tote bags or patches or cosmetic bags or even a cute lush wallet etc. Rather than a notebook - which is cute, but a plain lush one would’ve been preferable, and a couple badges? 

• They’ve also taken into account someone mentioning a smaller voting pool would be more ideal as there’s fewer products to be ‘teased’ with and miss out on. The vote is now at 6 instead of 9.

• people also called for more variety in the types of products appearing. Which we’ve had = foot balm, shaving cream, shampoo bar etc, rather than the standard bath products + shower gels popular in the first few boxes. And I must admit I prefer the latter, purely because I have more of a use for bath and shower products. But then we have the eternal struggle of people with showers V people with baths. I can see how lush have tried to remedy this, varying the boxes month to month with eg. January 21 being quite shower based, followed by a bath oriented Feb. I think this is a good system, but there should be clearer indication of what’s going on. I think displaying the votes as leaning to one or the other is probably best. As a community we should see that - as one month has mainly bath products, it’s likely this will be a bath box. Therefore shower lushies should maybe skip out. 

I think we all have to get rid of our FOMO in these situations and think about what we can USE and actually enjoy! (Also, people are always selling items from the boxes so it should be easy to track anything down) 

*just to note here, I also think having separate bath and shower boxes would never work. Having to release two differing boxes with differing surprise/new items in each? Imagine the uproar and fomo. To remedy that it would only be putting mediocre products as the discrepancy between the two boxes - something I doubt people want either.


• I’ve seen people beg for a halt to shower gels for a little since they were in every box from the start. And lush obliged. And then people start complaining that there isn’t a gel - which I can see as they’re fab value for money and one of the most popular product types due to their versatility. I - unlike others - wasn’t alarmed when there wasn’t a shower gel in the recent April vote. I thought hey fab! That opens up the possibility of a BRAND NEW gel as a surprise item. This didn’t happen... but I still think it’s important to note that if there’s a shower gel in the vote, it’s doubtless to win because they’re so popular, meaning there’s never an opportunity for a new shower gel to appear. This also ties in with the whole bath box/shower box thought

**EDIT: I think a lot of this is due to a lack of communication. We can’t tell what they’re taking into account or not. Everything above is just what I’ve seen materialise from a concept. But it’s all guesswork and observation, there’s no one telling us ‘oh we’ve taken this idea into account’ etc. So no wonder us fans are always confused and disheartened, there’s no live connection between the fans and the people running this whole thing. **

BUT the crux of this whole post is that (in my opinion) Lush are missing our KEY wants for the kitchen box so I thought I’d lay them out.


  •  RETRO - it’s safe to say we ALL WANT more retro/hidden treasure items to appear in the box. Let’s be real the kitchen box isn’t for your occasional snow fairy loving member of the public who has a loose relationship with lush, as I feel it’s currently being aimed at. (If you excuse the harsh depiction) it’s for all of us die-hard lush fans who (majority of us) were here for the original kitchen where there was such a range of once in a blue moon products that sometimes made a comeback, or old discontinued products that were sorely missed. We are all crying out for you to delve a little deeper into the product archives rather than scraping the surface. 

  • GUINEA PIGS - I think we are all a bit weary seeing Beauty Sleep, Lime Bounty, Shaved Ice and others become mainline having originally been in the kitchen box. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we don’t think these are good products. It just feels like we are cheated when the kitchen box is being used as a guinea pig scheme to test out new products. We all want the kitchen box to be more EXCLUSIVE and having upcoming mainline products severely takes away from the whole essence of the box. I think the new #tryandtellus scheme on the community is a great idea and I think this is the better alternative for trying new things out on customers rather than in a kitchen box. I hope future mainline proposals will be trialed through this instead. 

  • SURPRISE ITEMS - it’s safe to say we all LOVED the calibre of the first box. I think this was due to the two surprise items being TOTAL surprises, a brand new jelly in a previously unexplored scent format and a brand new incarnation of a much loved scent. This is what we all want from the kitchen box - especially in surprise items. I loved Outback Mate bubble bar, I loved seeing that scent get a new product to its family. This is something we all want to see more of! We all want that element of surprise and excitement from the first few boxes back. Something that has turned to disappointment amongst many fans in recent months. 

I think they just need to open the doors to us a little more, give the customers a little more rein. The old kitchen was fab with the weekly menu released and all the buzz and excited comments and the interaction between the kitchen team and fans, even the Polaroids! There was just much more of a human connection, something lacking now 😞

Overall, I’m not trying to be negative at all. I just wanted a totally clear and concise thread to lay out all the ideas circling as I can imagine it must be hard trying to find the golden nuggets of ideas lost in a thread comment somewhere. 

thank you to anyone who read all that, I know it’s long lol. I just wanted to totally splurge all my thoughts onto one post so they were all together. Let me know what you think, I hope I haven’t missed anything!

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Bath Submerger

I think people will complain regardless and need to understand subscription boxes are a gamble (you might not like the surprise items or most lushies may vote in items other than your fave). So "too much shower gel" "not enough shower gel" etc can be ignored you won't please everyone.


But yeah it feels like the boxes have definitely gone downhill this year. I actually enjoyed most of the items this year but the repeated sticking in items which will soon be mainline is getting waring. Also the merch is way off (how many adults use badges?). My main issue with April is pricing, the box is supposed to be at least £35 in value and this one really doesn't feel like it adds up. It seems like about £9 in value is missing. Which I think has made a lot of subscribers feel ripped off, it isn't even about content this time its about lack of value (4 items would be fine if there was more than one full size or one was particularly high value so the price matched what it is supposed to).


I have liked surprise items this year (the perfume in february was brilliant as was the shampoo bar in Jan) but then they shoved in soon to be mainlines and sleepy scents which we have an abundance of anyway. It feels like they got lazy around December and stopped trying (seriously snow fairy scrub that isn't a retro scent and just feels lazy).


They are also training us not to bother with the limited releases on instagram as they will be in the box anyway.

Bathing Master

Wow! These are some very interesting observations!! Very well said and now that you’ve pointed it out Lush has definitely taken our feedback.  I must confess I get knee jerk reactions and sound off on the Kitchen boxes, but after a few days when I start using the products I start to enjoy them more. 
I totally agree 100% about the new products. I wish they would do a LushLabs subscription box and allow us to give them surveys & feedback. I love trying out new Lush products and would totally be down to pay £35 for a subscription box of brand new products.
I am a huge fan of Lush shower gels. I get very disappointed when they’re not included with the votes. I feel getting a retro gel justifies paying the £35 when the other products disappoint me. 
I also agree with the surprise(s) item being a retro/popular fragrance Implemented into a new format ( Lush, if you’re listening;  29 High Street hair moisturizer, Outback Mate shower gel, IRL body spray)
 And last and certainly not least, I wish they would allow an entry form of some sort to allow us to submit a retro item to be voted on (Again Lush, if you’re listening Rub Rub Rub shower gel, Sikkim Girls body cream, Skydancer bath bomb, Beautiful shower gel)

OMG BEAUTIFUL SHOWER GEL!!! YES YES YES!!! i would forgive them 120% for this month's box if they put that in the votes soon XD that used to be my #1 favourite sg... still salty they discon'd it T__T

Bath Submerger

It’s interesting that you said they are varying the boxes from being shower based to bath based every other month. I hadn’t noticed that and I can see what you mean. I much prefer this solution to the idea of them creating two separate boxes for shower and bath. I have both, and would hate to have to choose (I wouldn’t be able to afford both) and miss out on some products. 

I think it would work if they leaned into this idea a bit more and advertised each month as a different theme. One month bath products, one month shower products, one month perfumes/body sprays and one month skincare (I know they have fresh and flowers now but we’re still getting face scrubs/ body lotions in the kitchen box at the moment and I love that). As much as I love the variety in the kitchen box, this might keep more people happy. 

I would Love to see a body spray! 

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Totally agree with your post! 


As a person who said they'd like to see some swag items I did mean like patches or totes or even the illusive kitchen mug. Not pin badges as I just done use them. Also for swag o only want to see a swag item once maybe twice a year. It's nice to get something different every once in a while, bit just for the sake of it. I thought the stickers and note book were cute but practically I probably won't use them. 


The try it and tell us scheme is definitely better than putting them in the boxes. One because people who genuinely want to try products and give reviews will put them selves forward. In the kitchen boxes I'd say the majority of people won't review the products that will be going mainline (this is just my opinion - perhaps quite a few people will) especially if they think they're missing out on actual exclusive products when in a couple of weeks it's going to become a mainline product. Why should we spend money on these exclusive products when in a month they're out in all stores for everyone to buy. 


Yes more retro items. Everyone loved the lush Kitchen. You had such a good range of products dating back from the cosmetic go go days to one off products never seen again. We want to see products from the archives not just from last year. 


I have to say from the exclusives section my favourites have been abombinaball shower jelly, 29 high street fun, sleepy bath oil tablet, snow fairy scrub, outback mate bubble bar and pumpkin spice soap. What they all have on common is that they are genuinely brand new products that are exclusive for just us subscribers. (Pumpkin spice was made available for everything be to buy but I'm willing to overlook this because it was so darn amazing). I'm not expecting both surprise items to be brand new never seen before everytime. In some boxes you have given us a surprise kitchen product that hasn't been seen in a while (like squeeky green, smitten hand cream etc) which are also lovely. Just don't give us exclusives if they're not going to be exclusive in a couple of weeks. If you're going to bring that product out in a seasonal line up at some point (i.e like the snow fairy scrub) that's a bit different as there's been time between for us to use up that product and be like well I'd like another one of them as it was so good. 


As for the shower gel thing o was glad you listened and took a break from them for a couple of months as I had accumulated a lot of shower gels since the subscription box has started. As before mentioned by LushingAlong an exclusives she never before seen shower gel would be amazing! 


I think it was a good move to downsize the options from 9 to 6 as now I don't feel like I'm missing out on as many products and the products I love have a higher chance of being picked. 


Also would like to second LushieConfesses idea of a form to out suggests of kitchen products we'd love to see up for votes and for brand new never seen before products to be made 🙂 

Groovy Kind of Lushie

You make some really good points!

I think Lush does listen to feedback in general (they started including swag, less shower gels, more varied products) and the big problem is that you can't make everyone happy. I think with the shower gels, most people were happy that we had a break from them but there was a very vocal minority that wasn't happy about it. Nothing wrong with them expressing their opinions of course, but again, you can't make everyone happy.


I definitely agree with what you said about getting rid of FOMO and also that having two separate boxes for shower and bath wouldn't be practical and is just a bad idea.


And your key wants are so on point!

I'm relatively new to Lush (about 3 years) and I love watching old videos and reviews about all kinds of products that Lush used to make years ago, event exclusives, etc. They are what I want to see in the boxes, not something I can remember being released 2-3 years ago.


I've been happy with most surprise items but I do agree that the best ones are reincarnations of rare scents (my fav must be pumpkin spiced soap) and that soon-to-be-mainline items shouldn't be included. Especially if there also already was an Instagram limited release.

Ickle Lushie Bot

Re: swag - I'm really not keen on swag like pencils and badges that may end up contributing to landfill and didn’t sign up get a journal... IF the swag was bath/shower related that would great! I would be interested in reusable items like tins/knot wraps/wash cloths/pumps for the shower gel bottles or new bathroom accessories. Something actually be related to the purpose of the box! 

Agree it would be better to alternative bath and shower months rather than having two separate subscriptions and for me this would be financially sustainable as I could e.g. skip a shower month if I’ve got too much shower gel to get through. I do appreciate that there has been more product variety recently. 

I have zero interest in products that will be main line the following month... and especially dislike getting products that already had a limited release (this is the opposite of exclusive). 

I like the idea of being able to submit suggestions for the voting items. That would be a nice way to be more involved in the content. 

I would also like for there to be a post on the kitchen subscription site of the votes for each box so this process is more transparent. Perhaps a box cost breakdown  might be helpful too so we can see the value in the subscription? April has been pretty poor value and I think monthly accountability from Lush on this would be positive. 

Thanks for reading! 

I love your other merch suggestions! If say there was a soap, they could include an exclusive soap dish... Things that are relevant, usable and unique! Definitely wouldn't like it to become a common occurrence, but every now and again (like this month with only four products) something good quality would be welcome 😊

Ickle Lushie Bot

I do agree with your post except I like being a guinea pig 🐷😀but understand why some wouldn’t. Loving repeat in this months box and found a firm favourite in Beauty Sleep. Maybe they should include samples of new products so we can still provide reviews. 

Happy to be a guinea pig if they add samples... Even if they're only small and added to a few randomly selected boxes each month 👍

Bath Submerger

I agree with all of this 👏🙌


My main bug is that this is only my second box and I feel reeeeeeaaaaaally ripped off. Even if the postage was included in the price, that would make it sting a whole lot less... 

Bath Submerger

I'm cool with being a guinea pig too, but it always seems to be items that have been given the go-ahead, and indeed given a product page ready to leave your reviews on. If we were getting experimental products, then fair enough, but all we seem to be getting is early access.

Ickle Lushie Bot

Apologies for a second reply but I wanted to highlight the current Kitchen Box description for the subscription

from Lush’s website:


The Lush Kitchen subscription box offers exclusive, full-sized, vegan cosmetics monthly. Personalised by your vote, with a few surprises from us, every month you’ll receive 4-5 bath, shower and skincare products that you can’t get anywhere else. Subscribe today for £35 a month plus shipping.


I subscribed on this basis. How does ‘exclusive’ and  ‘that you can’t get anywhere else’ mean items that have literally already had a limited release or items that will immediately become main line? We have had multiple items in both of these categories and the occurrences are almost monthly now.  


Nothing in that description suggests badges and pencils would be the type of items you might receive. It is not very eco-friendly to actively produce items that may contribute to landfill, and while I understand that might not be a concern to everyone, it is for me and being more eco-friendly is one of the reasons I choose to shop with Lush in the first place.


Also, the price of £35 clearly applies to the value of the 4-5 bath/shower/skincare items not said ‘swag’. 

I love Lush and have spent a ton with them, especially over this past year, and was so excited by the subscription box initially but revisiting what exactly it was I signed up for leaves me feeling consistently duped in more recent months. The creep has been slow and I didn’t mind so much before the Easter box but this one really takes the biscuit!