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I think the merch might be here to stay...

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Hi everyone,


After seeing lots of posts about being disappointed with merch/swag in recent boxes (especially since its taken into consideration as part of the sub box price) I thought I'd let you all know that I've seen it may be here to stay....


Lush.scents has posted on Instagram a poll asking what merch people would like to see in future sub boxes. This includes a mug, fabric patch, and tote bags... And so far the votes actually look good! It's hard to say if these are all from kitchen subscribers or other lushies in general though.


Go take a look and let's hear your thoughts... Some stuff admittedly looks better / more practical than the last box, however it's not what I signed up for as part of the subscription. I like exclusive products that I can use, but swag type stuff I've never been much of a fan of - I've never been someone to buy into merch like novelty pajamas/pens/bedding/socks/cups etc. I would definitely appreciate bath /shower products more! That being said, every now and again as a little extra it could be a nice surprise. 


Tbh I think Lush is trying something new and trying to get a feel for which direction to go in... It seems they have listened in the past from other threads I've read, but this time seem to be missing it a little. 

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Bathing Master

I think this would be okay if they disclosed that the box would have swag. It could still be a surprise, but it would allow people who don’t want swag to skip a box. I wouldn’t want to see swag every month either.

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Groovy Kind of Lushie

This is so disappointing. I only signed up for the lush subscription recently (I’ve had the box with violet nights, the Valentine’s box and the yummy mummy conditioner box) so seeing this makes me so sad that I didn’t sign up for the boxes sooner as the very first boxes were AMAZING. True retro products. If we’re going to be getting SWAG products in most boxes I will have to unsubscribe. I think it’s really wasteful to produce stuff that will end up in landfill. Especially for such an “eco-friendly” company. 

Ickle Lushie Bot

I'm the same... Was saving to move house so as soon as I had a signed up and that's when this controversy started! I've only had 2 boxes so far, and just want products that I can really enjoy... The non bath/shower products will just end up in a cupboard somewhere of there's too much 😕

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I think they should avoid anymore merch or swag for now until they win the hearts of subscribers back. 

i personally like the idea of some boxes including a lil swag extra, like how some earlier ones had a sticker sheet! I’m a sucker for stickers. But I don’t think it should be every box and I think it should be practical things so that those who don’t want swag can at least get a use out of it. I’m still praying for a Lush Mug but if they put one in the birthday box that would be three swag products in a row so I can see why they probs won’t do that 😞

Groovy Kind of Lushie

No no no!!! Lush if you want to do swag items then please put them on your website under swag for customers to pick and choose as they want. Do not pass them off to kitchen box subscriber's who signed up to this box for 5 retro or new exclusive bath shower products. Just put them on your website like you did with other swag item's. I already have the tote bags that came out over Christmas last year. I really can't deal with seeing another swag item in the kitchen box. Please listen to us, this last kitchen box was a let down for many, please don't put them in the kitchen box. I really think if you put them on your website that would be the best way to go about it.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

If this becomes a ‘thing’ then Lush really needs to revise the description of the Kitchen Box and give subscribers absolutely clarity on what could be included in the box, make a formal announcement for the change on their kitchen website and via email, and extended time to unsubscribe for the subsequent box as a minimum.  

Lush’s current description of the Kitchen Box:

The Lush Kitchen subscription box offers exclusive, full-sized, vegan cosmetics monthly. Personalised by your vote, with a few surprises from us, every month you’ll receive 4-5 bath, shower and skincare products that you can’t get anywhere else. Subscribe today for £35 a month plus shipping.


I subscribed on this basis and not for useless ‘swag’... it is unfathomable to me that items such as pencils, journals, badges, patches and mugs would be included in a bath/shower/skincare subscription box, especially if they contribute towards the total ‘value’ of the items included as we’ve found this month. If it’s a bonus item and the bath/shower/skincare products make up the cost of the box, like with the stickers, then I could perhaps understand this move... but in terms of the company ethos, how is actively producing items that are likely going to contribute to landfill a remotely sensible decision?

However, if the ‘swag’ was actually related to the purpose of the box and absolutely reusable e.g. exclusive tins/knot wraps/wash cloths/soap dish type items that would make total sense. It would be great to get a massage bar and a special tin to store it in, or similar combo. 

Sorry for the long post! 


Bathing Master

Oh no I hope this doesnt happen. Personally I really dislike merch, it just ends up filling up my house with stuff I dont really need or want. I wouldn't mind if it was included in the box as a surprise twice a year or something but I signed up for the box to get stuff that could be used up and not not just sit on a shelf. Lush should put a merch section on their website and if people want to buy it they can.

Bathing Master

OH god no! We want bath products !!! If this is in the new kitchen box instead of bath products ima cancel my sub 😊

Bath Submerger

Tbf, mugs and tote bags are the only thing I've ever seen people ask and occasionally beg for. I just don't want this to take the place of an actual bath product. 

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Tbh some merch I wouldn’t mind as the odd but but not everyone also stuff we will use not just ahhh let’s stick that in (like patches and pins) the merch like mug or tote bags ok but as a one off now and again, tbh I would have thought like the face coverings would have been better as there reopening store so it’s something that could have been used for getting us back into the store, as I said pins and badges etc what adult would go and wear them unless ure a merch person it was always going to go down the wrong way, but I signed up for kitchen products not merch if I wanted merch I would go and buy it, I also am a bit dubious on them using us a testing board for new products I thought the whole point of a kitchen box was to have things that u can’t buy in the stores or have been discontinued  but it seems to be they try it in the box and then releases them in the store where tbh going in the last box we could have bought more products in the store for the amount in the last box 

Ickle Lushie Bot

Oh no! I don't use any of the 'swag' they've previously sent in the boxes, it just goes in a drawer. So if replacing an actual product I can use with random stuff I don't want it going to be the norm I'm essential going to be spending £40 on 4 products, which isn't worth it.



I'm gutted as I really love being sent things I wouldn't usually try as it expands my horizons and I've discovered some brilliant things, but I'm sure £40 in a lush store will go further than 4 items and a pen with Lush stamped on it. I'll see what Mays box looks like and see. If it wasn't for my FOMO I might have cancelled already.

Definitely. I made a regular order on the website last month because I was in need of a few things and spent £45 and was so surprised when my box came with how big the box was and how many items I had for the money compared to the kitchen box. I ordered it and it felt like Christmas! 

Bathing Master

I'm completely fine with them trying to sell this sort of stuff in their swag section on their website, it just really annoys me that they're trying to ram it down our throats in the kitchen boxes. I would personally love to be able to buy certain things like mugs or a tote, but I want to make sure it's something I WANT and not some random badges that I'm never going to use and/or throw away instead of an actual product.

I'm pretty sure they'd make a lot more money if they stopped disappointing current subscribers and gave other lushies the option to buy swag normally. 

Bath Submerger

Noooooo! Literally the opposite of why I purchase these boxes, I really don’t want to cancel because I love the products and the surprise but I’m so against my money being put towards wasteful bits and pieces that I don’t want in general. I guess I will start using the fresh and flowers box every so often instead. I don’t have the money to throw down the drain on things I won’t use and will feel guilty about because it’s going to end up in landfill eventually 

Lush Hottie

I quite like some of the Lush merch, but unless it's an added extra I don't what it in the boxes.

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