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June 2021 kitchen subscription box spoilers are up!!!!

Handmade Hero

So I’m assuming I’m not the only one who has been checking on here ‘quite frequently’ for some spoilers for the June subscription box.  Just to let you know lush.scents  has received her’s and has updated her Instagram with spoilers. It looks amazing!!! I’ve got my email from Royal Mail - mine’s arriving Tuesday!!! Can’t wait!! 

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Ickle Lushie Bot

Yep I saw them too. I think it’s another good box. Didn’t vote for any of the products but I don’t mind. Mine is coming Tuesday as well. 

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Thanks for letting us know! I just checked it out, now I kinda wish I hadn't skipped that one 🙈 It looks good!

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Me too! 😅

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Thank you for posting where to find them!

Two of the items I've voted for made it in the box 🙂

Handmade Helper

Why has Lush collaborated with ASOS to make the bath bomb?  Surely ASOS is a typically unethical clothing company.  Seems to go completely against the ethos of Lush and seems like a very strange union.  Working with a company that makes cheap clothing, exploits its labour force and contributes hugely to environmental damage and climate change contradicts everything Lush maintains it supports.  Just weird, who will it be next month - Primark?

I have the same concerns, surely their customer base is people who would have concerns about that? They make a lot of recycleable pots and naked products then undermine it by going with a fast fashion brand and giving them advertising.


I got everything I voted for so that's a big plus, but I like lavendar and massage bars but seriously lush what the hell?

The simple reason is that money talks. ASOS will be paying Lush for this. In turn, that makes me worried that one of the following is the case


1) Lush is struggling financially

2) Lush is becoming greedy

3) Lush doesn't care about ethics when profit for the owners is involved

Unfortunately, multiple things can be true at once and it's likely that 4) All Of The Above is the answer here. 

Bath Submerger

my box arrived this morning! I am really surprised as it is a bank holiday but very grateful to Royal Mail, as one of my items is a tiny bit melty and it was going to get up to 24 today, so I'm glad I've got it at my house.

I love all the choices, two of the things I voted for are here and the bathbomb smells amazing despite its questionable collab origins.


My only frustration is my QR code reader isn't working so if someone could please post the link to the digital menu I'd be very grateful. 😊🙏