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June ASOS Bath bomb

Handmade Hero


Anyone else majorly disappointed that not only was the LUSH X ASOS bath bomb  not an exclusive to the kitchen box but it was released before half of us even have our box or the fact that it’s the only actual “collab” item? 

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Groovy Kind of Lushie

Here I comment only on the time when the product became available and don't discuss the website where this bath bomb can be purchased.


Well, releasing an exclusive product before part of the subscribers will receive their box is very disappointing. This bath bomb became not exclusive even before I got it in my box.

Bathing Master

Yeah, I find this very disappointing considering this is also my first box and I don’t even have it yet.

Bathing Master

To be honest, I was disappointed by the actual bathbomb. It smells good but it just turned the water a dull, murky grey colour. No bath art, no glitter, no vibrant colours. It’s not up to Lush’s usual standard at all. I wouldn’t buy it outside of the subscription box.

My thoughts exactly. Don't get me wrong, I miss the Kitsune scent but this was just a little disappointing. 

You said it exactly! "Not up to Lush's usual standard", because it's not for them. It was a collab, Lush made the bath bomb, but for Asos, in Asos colours and standard. It might be boring for Lushies, but for the Asos fans it's pretty new and exciting.

In my opinion, they wanted to do something what like a standard person would like. I have a bitter-sweet feeling about the entire Lush x Asos collab, but I hope they can achieve what they are looking for.

Lol so people paying for the exclusive Lush Kitchen Box get a product made to suit the market of a completely different company that, as a large number of Lushies have pointed out, does not share their "ethical" values? Am I the only one wondering why it seems like a company as old as Lush is going through a whiny teenager phase of not knowing who it is or wants to be? You're hanging out with a bad crowd. Get that safety pin out of your nose and remember how you were raised. Lol

I'm not saying I'm happy about the collab either or even the idea, but the other people were pointing out the negative stuff about the entire collab, so I wanted to share with you what "more positive" informations I received as a staff member.

It does not share the same ethical values, because they (Lush) have to break a wall. You can easily collab with someone who shares the same values, but if you work with someone complitely different, they might see the good side of your job and they will learn that it might be better to follow your path.

I'm not saying they are doing it good or bad, because I don't know all the reasons behind this, I only know what they share with me. I just wanted to tell more information about it, so it would might help to see it in a different sight.

If this was not created for Lush then this is not what your subscribers should have been sent. As ridiculously pathetic as I think this "collab" is, it is even more sad that we are being sent items that have already been released to the public.

We were promised exclusives.

Many of us were & are struggling with the fact we're being sent items that are then given to the public in a few months. Many have canceled. Since this **bleep** collab & the fact items are being released to the public less than two weeks from the dispatch date, more have canceled. If the lack of care continues to shine through in future boxes, I have no doubt many more will cancel. Some individuals pay over $70. The laziness is getting old. 

I'm sorry you feel this way about it, and I totally understand your feelings, because I would be mad too. Usually when I reply or read comments, there is many things happening around me, so my eyes and brain just went through the information and forgot that it was actually a part of the kitchen box. 😞 In this case obviously it was a mistake to give this product to the Lushies who paid a lot for exclusive content, I hope they will realise it and change it in the future.

Oh no, that's terrible!! I haven't used mine yet & by the sound of your experience, I'm not looking forward to that soak. I'm getting pretty upset with these half cocked attempts at things they are having a tendency to do recently.