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Kitchen Box dispatch *some parts of* Europe

Bathing Master

Beyond happy that after signing up for my first kitchen box after debating for a long time due to the hefty import fees to Europe i got an email saying that for customers in Spain the Box will now get shipped out if Düsseldorf!! Just wanted to say :Thank you Lush for making the kitchen box easier available for Spain based fans🥰


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Handmade Hero

This doesnt seem to apply for Belgium though? 😞 i didnt get any email 

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Exactly, It currently only applies to the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Luxembourg, Denmark and Ireland if i'm not mistaken. I emailed Lush customer care about it and they said it's due to a new law that passed on july 1st wich prohibits the shipping of items from Germany to countries. I double checked with a friend who does shipping logistics in Germany and he said no such legislation has happened. Additionally if you try to order from the German website outside of these countries it won't let you, even tho you could do it just fine previously. RIP exclusives. 


That is so odd, thank you for elaborating! I changed the post, didn’t want to give people false hopes, im sorry. Really hope that this will expand to the other countries as well!!

Exactly. There is no such thing. Ive ordered from other UK companies that ship from Germany ( NEXT  is one of them) and there wasnt any problem. So i dont get it 😔 

It's an European Union law that has passed on July 1st. From what I understand, it's a tax thing, and from now on, companies in Europe need to pay their taxes from the sales to the countries the packages are delivered to. For example is a company in Germany sells something to Finland, they need to pay the taxes from that sale to Finland. All Lush European sites have now stopped delivery to other EU countries, so much for the "free trade union". This excludes the forementioned Netherlands, Denmark etc. Some because Germany already provides the stock for these countries from the Düsseldorf warehouse, and some for other reasons I am not aware of. 


I hope there will be a fix to this, since ordering from my own country the selection is much more limited, and the products are... well, way more expensive and not as fresh as they could be. And ordering from the UK... shipping, taxes and import fees 😔


This has been devastating since I have mostly ordered all my Lush (and that's a lot) from France, Germany, and other EU Lush stores.


(But I don't understand why the shipping can't happen from Düsseldorf to other EU countries if the sales are made to Lush UK, and not Lush Germany, i.e. Lush Kitchen boxes.)

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Thanks for clarifying! I truly don't get how it blocks Dusseldorf from sending to Belgium tho considering the stores get their items from Dusseldorf aswell... Maybe its more complicated then my mind makes it out to be tho idk.


Oh no! Sorry i wasnt aware, it would have made completely sense to me that that would apply to all of Europe? Keeping fingers crossed for you 🥺🤞

Thanks! Yeah it makes no sense that its not for all of Europe. So fingers crossed 🤞