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Lush Kitchen Confusion

Handmade Helper

Yesterday I signed up to the kitchen subscription and it says that my next chance to vote will be in August - which is fine! BUT does this also mean I’m not going to receive June or July’s box either? 

I’m not too fussed about whether I’ve picked because I’m just happy with the surprise so can someone please confirm when you think I’d get my first box? 🤔




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Groovy Kind of Lushie

You will be able to vote at the end of this month (it opens on the 23rd) and you will receive your first box at the end of July/begining of August.

Bath Submerger

If u signed up before the 5th I think it is then u would have got Julys  box I think it is at the end of the month, if u signed up after it will be august box the one u will get at the end of July beginning  of august but voting for that will be around the 24/6 I think it’s showing on mine next vote is august which will be the box at the end of June hope this helps it will all go on what date u signed up