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March Kitchen Box goodies and gripes

Bathing Master



Hi all, just sticking my face in here to see what the consensus is on the box arriving to folks now. It appears we have yet again been given a product lush will be releasing mainline, and even a product we had a chance to purchase very recently should we have wanted to, just like last month's Lime Bounty. I did not purchase any of them the first chance I was given because I wasn't at all interested, and I am really not at all pleased that we've had this happen three times now. Nothing has made me want to cancel up until this point, but this box has made me consider it very strongly. Not getting the shower jelly kind of wrecked my spirits. I will only be using 1 product from this box.


I get the box to get ahold of retro/limited kitchen products I never had or would have a chance to try otherwise, it really disappoints me that it's being used for promotion. I pay nearly $70 USD for everything shipped. I wish LUSH would consider doing a surprise 6th item or large samples if they wanted to promote something through the box.


Edit: my box came smashed, and the dream journal was bent/corner crushed.

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Bath Submerger



I’m definitely not buying anymore “exclusives” like the hairstyling products dropped today. You just know they’ll be in Mays box... and I don’t want to risk having double of something that I might not get on with.

OMG that's so true, I actually forgot about them this time. But you're right, what's the point? 

It’s super frustrating because it’s the one thing everyone agrees on.


Some don’t want more shower gels.

Some don’t have baths and want more shower gels. EVERYBODY wants recently available products to stop though. 

You speak so much truth. I have a bath and love bath products, but at least half the boxes should have 1 bath product or less. Having multiple in a row with multiple products is brutal.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Exactly! Everyone is on the same page with wanting retro products up for vote and brand new, never seen before products as the 'exclusive' items, that opinion has been voiced so many times by so many people in these posts - I don't know why Lush just isn't listening.


The products in the boxes last year seemed great and that's why I signed up, but looking back I don't think there has been anywhere near the same quality in the 2021 boxes.


Someone suggested in another post that lack of staff due to covid and/or lack of ingredients due to brexit may be the overall cause of the decrease in quality and if that's true it's somewhat understandable, but I wish if it were that Lush would come out and say it so we know what to expect for future boxes. If they can't deliver what was first promised, let the customer know so they can make an informed decision on whether to continue or cancel.


I feel everyone is just holding on month after month in hopes of getting some retro kitchen goodies.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Yup this is something everyone agrees on. If they’re becoming mainline I’m happy to wait

Me too, I'd rather wait and buy the biggest tub of whatever took my fancy rather than a 50g/100g tub taking up a space in the kitchen box x

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I’m so so so annoyed shaved ice is included.  I already have a bottle. It’s just ridiculous this keeps happening. I will not be buying anything from exclusive releases from now on because it’s obvious that these “exclusive” items will just get shoved into the kitchen boxes and then released as mainline depending on the reception they get. Why am I paying all this money for exclusivity when it really isn’t full of exclusive products? 

YES. this exactly. I had the same experience ordering the advent calendar. My abombinaball, one of the "advent calendar exclusives," came broken. They said they couldn't replace it, then sold a bunch of them later on the UK site. In fact, of all the exclusives in it, only Coconut Snow and Ponche were actually exclusive. I would never have blown all that extra money to ship it across the ocean. The word exclusive is meaningless to them at this point.

I had forgotten about this but you’re right, that was disappointing too. It was a lot of money to spend on “exclusives”.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Hmmm... did we really need yet another sleepy product? I get that it's a nice scent and a lot of people find it relaxing an all but why are Lush beating us around the face with it? This product line is done to death 🙄 move on lush and get back to making the real retro kitchen items you promised would be in the box!


Exclusive in this context means restricted to a group and/or person. If the item has been sold before and is planned for mass production after how is that item exclusive? *cough cough Shaved Ice*


The 'exclusives' have been a bit of a let down for me in this box but I did vote for all 3 items included off the menu so 🤷‍♀️ And I like that they included the 'swag' people have been asking for, I just hope it hasn't come at the cost of the other items.


People are literally SCREAMING out for the much loved retro items from the original kitchen and I just hope Lush starts listening because people will only throw their good money after bad for so long !!

I must admit despite getting another sleepy product and not using baths my partner is gonna love this as a gift from the cats for Mother’s Day.


 I do understand frustrations though, despite like shaved ice (it was the first time I’d seen it too) I decided to take it to my dad as having such a big beard makes it a bit unnecessary for me to have.


it would be nice to have a box come to me at some point where I’ll open it and every single product is something I’d like to use (I know we’ll never drop bath products though)


I loved the first box sooooo much too, really got my hopes up too much

Ah that's good, at least it will make someone happy and all the products will get used! I think mine will be getting returned unfortunately 🙁 there's just too much in it that would go to waste.


It's such a shame they built up great expectations as I was really looking forward to this subscription, I've been excited every day since I paid but the exclusives have just made it a bit of a waste of money for me. Let's hope Lush get back to making the same quality boxes they did when it first started 🤞


I've skipped next months box but still hold high hopes so I won't cancel just yet - I really want all that retro goodness 🤗

Bath Submerger

Either the purpose of the boxes changed or we all misunderstood at the outset but either way it isn't what many people were expecting. Personally I miss the old kitchen days and the opportunity to purchase things I knew I wanted. I think on balance this will be my last box, I will save up and look forward to UK bubble bar release instead of holding out hope for dorothy and getting a note pad 😆