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March Kitchen Box goodies and gripes

Bathing Master



Hi all, just sticking my face in here to see what the consensus is on the box arriving to folks now. It appears we have yet again been given a product lush will be releasing mainline, and even a product we had a chance to purchase very recently should we have wanted to, just like last month's Lime Bounty. I did not purchase any of them the first chance I was given because I wasn't at all interested, and I am really not at all pleased that we've had this happen three times now. Nothing has made me want to cancel up until this point, but this box has made me consider it very strongly. Not getting the shower jelly kind of wrecked my spirits. I will only be using 1 product from this box.


I get the box to get ahold of retro/limited kitchen products I never had or would have a chance to try otherwise, it really disappoints me that it's being used for promotion. I pay nearly $70 USD for everything shipped. I wish LUSH would consider doing a surprise 6th item or large samples if they wanted to promote something through the box.


Edit: my box came smashed, and the dream journal was bent/corner crushed.

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Groovy Kind of Lushie

Me too - I'd rather the surprise items be whatever came in 4th and 5th place and then a load of samples thrown in to test whatever is planned for the future. It's probable that the other exclusive item will become mainline along with the shaved ice 😒🙁

Exactly! I wouldn’t mind to get just a sample of Shaved Ice... but I am a little disappointed to see 6 potential exclusives go each month and possibly not come back again for years. 

Groovy Kind of Lushie

This is spot on my way of thinking, look at all the great retro products that didn't get in to the past boxes that we could've had instead!!


I will literally test whatever they want me too and write 3 page long, indpth reviews about upcoming products - I just want them to give me real retro products in the kitchen box every month 😭

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Really really wanted to try needles and pines especially when I read it smells like fresh as. I hope this first box is decent. I’m nervous! 

At least we’ll have Rad Dad shower gel for Father’s Day 😊

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Is this a similar scent then? Oh yes sorry just seen the Father’s Day spoiler page! Can’t come soon enough then! 😀

Yes, I think it should be close, it’s Fresh As scented and Fresh As is apparently really similar to Needles & Pines. 

Bath Submerger



Are you able to provide some sort of response on this please? I understand it must be difficult to please everyone which is why I don’t really complain about not getting what I want. However, there is clearly a lot of discontent about soon to be mainline products in the box.


Even if you say, “Items from exclusive drops will be in the box.” I think that’s ok. At least then we know not to buy limited releases. The issue is, people who buy the limited release “exclusives” are almost always kitchen customers and we’re sick of getting duplicates!


EDIT: Just a suggestion here but maybe samples of limited releases should go into the box first. Then there should be an exclusive drop where people can buy more IF they want to.


Tacking a bit onto this, I think it would be a really positive change if LUSH were able to be a little more cognizant of products that are by default "exclusionary." Bath products are the largest offender as they are useless for anyone without a tub, but comedogenic face products and hair products with sulfates cause the same issues for many Lushies. There have been so many shampoos up for vote, we got squeaky green, and they're 100% unusable for many folks. Almost no conditioning products, nothing sulfate or silicone free. Anyone can use sulfate free products, even if they aren't the perfect fit for their hair-type. Not so the other way around.


Including comedogenic face products like Queen of Hearts or this Smuggler's Soul scrub is, again, excluding absolutely anyone with any acne or any skin sensitivity. Even people who have nice skin have issues with unnecessarily fragranced facial products.


Having bath products is a big part of the box, so rather than exclude them, it would be greatly appreciated if these boxes could be limited to 2 of these exclusionary products. 2 bath products? Then the remainder of the box should be items that anyone can use, no comedogenic or sulfate-containing face/hair products.  If you want to have a shampoo for this box? One bath product max this month.


At least half the boxes should have no more than 1 bath product. And I have a bath and love them.


Thanks for reading this far love you all


This is such a great idea! 

Bathing Master

I personally love the box and it's probably one of my favourite boxes so far. I get that people are annoyed there is an item that was recently available to buy but not everyone can afford to get the subscription box and all the new items that have been released. It's also nice to try things that I wouldnt think of buying too. I wouldnt have bought the lime bounty body butter if I saw it in the shop but now that I have tried it, I love it and will be buying more. 

Ickle Lushie Bot

I really pleased with the box content. A good mix of products, scents and longer lasting products. Loved the swag items! I know it’s disappointing when something you voted for doesn’t make the box but hopefully everyone finds something in the box they love. Looking forward to trying the face product. 

Bathing Master

I'm a "new" Lush fan (started in 2018) so please excuse if my opinion seems silly but... for me every item is great. It is true that not all items fit my personal likes but it is also true that not all Lush countries have the same items avaliable. So I'm glad to have a monthly option of variety and, for me, things to discover and/or enjoy!


This subscription box really lights up my day and my month! 😊😊🤗🤗🤤🤤


Lush Hottie

I received my box today, and it has been my least favourite so far. I really like the majority of products up for vote in the next box, so I'm pleased to have that one to look forward to now.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.


I asked my postman to return to sender, I was sooo disappointed with the box content as paying £40 or most of for 2 items I *might* like just isn't for me, I'm so not up for a surprise half a box, plus if Id wanted shaved ice id have bought it. Sleepy oil bar? couldn't wake the dead with that, sleepy has a full range on main website so not exciting. 

My skin is still recovering from the destruction ocean salt wrought on it! so no face scrub for me lol 

Also if I wanted a colouring in book/notebook I can get that form the works for £3 🤣