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March kitchen box digital insert

Ickle Lushie Bot



So on the March Kitchen box insert there is a QR code that leads to some videos from the lush team talking about the products in this months box. I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE this feature! It looks like this might be a regular thing, so I’m looking forward to watching these every month.


I loved hearing about how Mark uses Shaved Ice, and how lush are always looking to improve their products to be the best they can be. I also loved hearing about how Ale came up with Sleepy bath oil tablet and what he wanted to achieve with it that made it stand out from their other bath oils. The “how it’s made” video of Smaragadine bubble bath was really interesting as well, and Katrina talking about the dream journal they included in this months box.


One of the things I love about lush is that the products are actually used and loved by the people that make them. It’s very clear that the lush team are enthusiastic and passionate about the products they make, and it’s so nice to see.


What do you think about this new feature? 😊

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Bath Submerger

I agree! I loved the videos giving more insight and seeing the people behind the scenes

Groovy Kind of Lushie

Totally agree, love these little videos. One of my favourite boxes. One small thing, would like more details how to use products for example how often to use the face scrub and can the bath oil be split into 3 baths or is this just a design thing. 

Yes, something to explain how best to use some of the products would be great. A few boxes ago there was a buttercream called Heavenly Bodies and I wasn’t sure the about the best way to use it at first as it wasn’t a product I’d come across at lush before. 

I agree this would just round everything off nicely! 👍

Yes I'd love a more detailed "how to use/ how often to use/ how much to use" guide. I'm a bit rubbish at skincare and stuff like body conditioners and creams so having Ale telling us that you could break the bath oil in 3, for example, was really useful. I'd definitely love to hear it from the people who created them. 


I love it when they listen to us! One of our biggest issue with the kitchen a few months ago (I believe there is a post about it on this forum) was that there was never an explanation on why they chose those products, how they made them, etc. And now they’ve done that! 

It’s a perfect idea, 10/10.

I love going on the forum and reading what everyone thinks of the box each month and what they would like to see more of. It’s good to know that Lush take that feedback on board.

Absolutely. They really are listening to us 😊

Bathing Master

I love this new feature so much, I feel more connected with the makers and like it’s taken the products to another level; when I do my posts on these I’m forever rummaging around to find great facts and stories but now they’re right there ready for me 😁 


I have to say also what a PERFECT time to release this too, I received my 4th box yesterday and it has honestly been the best one for me so far! The dream log, the sleep oil bar, the the shaving gel (I’m actually just going to list every single item here 😂) on top of this QR code idea ... so happy! 

I really loved this box too, yummy mummy and sleepy are two of my favourite scents. The facial scrub, shaving gel and bubble bath are all products and scents that I wouldn’t have bought myself, but I actually really like them. 

The dream journal was a lovely surprise as well, and there is so much detail and thought in it. The colouring pages, variety of lined/blank/dotted pages and the little flip book illustration of the moon in the corner of the page is really cute. 😊

I was so surprised by the notepad too and actually got way too excited by it 😅 lovely touch 👌

Ickle Lushie Bot

Love it! Especially more helpful than just the description because it's like how someone would chat to you in store 👌

Lush Team
Lush Team

It’s such a great idea! Love it! 
So many options for future boxes if the info and exclusive treats can be given digitally too! 

Handmade Helper

Hi all,  I'm new here. The QR code took me to the main page not the videos, any idea how I can find the videos. I want to know how best to use the bath oil tablet. Many thanks.