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New here… which discons would you like in the kitchen boxes

Handmade Hero

Does anyone else really want a yuzu and cocoa shower gel to come in the kitchen box? Unfortunately the first time I smelt that scent was in mays box with the bubbleroon. Does anyone else think we could get one of these shower gels? 

what other discontinued scents/products  would people like to come in a kitchen box??

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Bathing Master

Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb. Please. It was my favourite bath product EVER. I was heartbroken when they discontinued it.

I think Guardian of the Forest shower gel would also be a great option for a Kitchen menu, a lot of people have been asking for it to come back on this website! 

A shower gel option would be amazing. 

OMG yes! I feel like there needs to be more woody/green scents in their mainline shower products.

Never got to try the bath bomb but I am in love with the body spray and would adore that scent in a lotion 🍃 

Bathing Master

Indeed!! Would absolutely love a Yuzu & Cocoa shower gel. 



African Paradise body conditioner, Don’t rain on my parade shower gel, Love and Light hand cream, Frozen bath bomb or Argan Dragon shower oil! 

Yes to all of these. I slept on Argan Dragon shower oil for soo long and finally bit the bullet and bought one and loved it. Two weeks later and it was announced discontinued. 

Ickle Lushie Bot

I really miss the bath oils and Guardian of The Forest was one of my favourite bath bombs along with Yoga Bomb. Would love it in shower gel form too it's an amazing scent ❤️

The bath oils were my favourite!! I also miss Yoga Bomb and GOTF. I hope one day they come back in different forms, as well as maypole. Maybe as a shower gel though as the new soap formulas don't agree with my skin. 


I'd really like to see Butterball shower gel make a comeback as well as Yummy Mummy and Sex Bomb shower gel 🙂


All the bath oils, Little pot of energy, GOTF anything, Yuzu and cocoa shower gel, Maypole anything, Any of the sugar scrubs, All the shower oils back, Cookie dough and anything that held the butterball scent. 


I know it's a long list of asks, but ya know.. I miss them terribly. 

Bathing Master

Would love anything maypole scented, so white scented, yuzu & cocoa scented, sultana scented. 

I would love for Avocado wash shower gel to come back


Also the shower oils! I only got into those recently but would love to try some of the retro ones 


I’m really hoping for some warm spicy scented items for the autumn/winter boxes, I saw a suggestion on another thread for Glogg body lotion which sounds dreamy 


I would also love a worry monster body lotion or shower gel, I love the fennel lavender as opposed to the sweet lavender 

I hope they bring back the Maypole body lotion 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 and the shower oils from the Lush Summit that were also available at Lush Oxford St. for a short while.