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Next sub box opinions and hopes for the extra bonus item

Bath Submerger

I was debating about skipping this months box but I’ve undone it im not overly fussed on anything in the vote but seen as it’s Xmas stuff hoping for some snow fairy something would really love the body milk or body lotion in this scent (I know it’s a love it or leave it scent for most ) but I managed to get the body milk in one of the cloudy boxes and loved it would have loved it in a huge bottle though or bigger tub would love this in a body butter like the lime bounty what are peoples hopes for the surprise item im just hoping it’s not another bath bomb as it has been in the last few months yes they are nice but I would hope they change it up now and again what are your hopes


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The surprises for the Christmas In July box have to be amazing!!!


I’d like to see some FUN. My favorites were The Magic of Christmas and Snowman, so I’d love to get either of them as one of the surprises. 

Maybe a solid perfume as well, with a classic Christmas scent, like Bombardino or Jingle Spells? Or even Maypole (Salt & Peppermint Bark Scrub scent) 🤩. I wouldn’t mind a body conditioner, like Butterball.


lush_scrapbook made a concept for a Bombardino perfume once! 


Groovy Kind of Lushie



or the body conditioner!!!!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩

I love Bombardino! Ive only used the bomb once and regret not getting more! 😓


Like @robert I'd also love to see some FUN, in the Gingerbread House scent or Ruby Red Slippers.


I'd love to see Bob soap in the box, or a shower jelly with the same scent.



```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Ooooh need to try ruby red slippers 

Handmade Hero

I’d like to see something a bit different. Maybe a lip scrub or a mini body spray? I love most of the Christmas scents so they can’t really go wrong, as far as I’m concerned.


I think Snow Fairy smells gorgeous but there are SO many Snow Fairy products every year. I’d rather have a scent that won’t reappear on shelves in six months time.


I have a feeling it might be Fairy-O shampoo. I’m sure I saw a post from Lush a while ago saying it’s perfect for summer because it can temporarily dye your hair pink?

Oh I would love to try that and shampoo would be the best idea ever as don’t think I’ve tried the shampoos from lush 

I would love a mini body spray! That would be so fun

Handmade Hero

My favourite Christmas scent is Yog Nog but as that was one of the vote options I doubt it would be used in one of the mystery items.


I would love to if there was a Hot Toddy scented body spray or something snow cake scented, I don't think I'll get either. I don't mind the snow fairy scent but when there's already everything in that scent Christmas time, I'd much rather have something different in the kitchen box. 

Ickle Lushie Bot

Oooh, a body lotion would be awesome. I'd love the snow fairy one, but I think golden pear would be great too! I'm excited to see what they choose.


I'm also hoping for a snow drops bath bomb one day, it was my favourite, but sadly didn't win the vote last year 😞

I loved Snow drops bath bomb, and was gutted that it didn't make it in the box. Maybe because it wasn't much to look at, and didn't create colourful bath art that put people off.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Bath Submerger

Ooooh and smitten hand cream is my favourite hand cream ever or anything snow cake scented 

Bath Submerger

My biggest bit of merch I would lobe to see would be a soap dish in the box but seen as they make them can’t see that ever being added loved the face mask though they defo upped there game in the merch side definitely couldn’t get much worse than the badges 😂🤣