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Thoughts on March Kitchen box?

Groovy Kind of Lushie

***SPOILERS AHEAD*** Hi guys, I would love to know what everyone thinks about latest kitchen box? Mine just arrived today and I'm really happy that all three voted items were things I voted for.

I saw on another thread that a lot of people are not happy with Shaved Ice being included. I'm not thrilled either but I'll give it a go. At least it's a type of product we haven't had before in the boxes.


But how lovely is the sleepy journal! I knew my box felt weirdly heavy when it was delivered. I like how they included different kinds of pages inside (blank, lined, coloring). Also, when I finished unpacking the box I didn't realize I had left pencils at the bottom! Only found out about them after reading another comment on here. They are really cute too!


I was hoping for Yummy Mummy the most and I'm so pleased it made it. Although the scent is sweeter than I expected.

Smuggler's Soul seems nice, I like how fine the exfoliating bits are and that the scent is not strong (since it is a skincare item). If I find it's not suitable for my face (as I am quite careful with what I use on it), I'm sure I'll find some other use for it.

Smaragadine smells a bit different that I expected. It reminds me of Wizard bubble bar and Jingle Spells bath bomb from previous boxes. Anyone else?

I saw a lot of people getting a bit tired of Sleppy scent. I quite miss the bath oil tablets so I was pleased to see this one in the box. It goes with the journal!


Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts! (maybe let's not get into Shaved Ice too much since it's already hotly commented on in another thread by @manekineko )


PS what a great idea with the QR code and the videos!

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Bath Submerger

Shaved Ice aside I do really like that LUSH are mixing things up and including things like Swag. Would I have rather full size products instead yes but I like how happy the journal will have made people so I don't mind that it's not for me. 


I love the scrub, a little goes a long way!


I was thinking of skipping next month but really want Tweet so I'm on the fence 🐣

Bath Submerger

Smaragadine bubble bath smells very similar to Tramp & Supertramp shower gels to me. Never tried the bubble bath before so I am happy to have a bottle but patchouli is not my favourite scent. I’m fairly pleased with the contents of this box although I’m a bit sad some of the menu items didn’t make it in. 

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I was really pleased with this box. Like you, I was really happy that Yummy Mummy was included, I've never tried anything in the YM scent family before and I'm absolutely in love with it. I'm a sucker for sweet scents. I'm also pleased Smaragadine was included because as somebody else said we don't normally get bubble baths so it's nice to have something a bit different 😊 The journal was a nice touch, I'm not sure if I'll use it for recording my dreams but I suppose you could use it like you would a regular notebook. I'm a bit unsure about the facial scrub as I also have very sensitive skin but I'll definitely give it a go! 

Bathing Master

I haven't my box yet this month but I am so excited for it! I want Yummy Mummy everything! 

Handmade Hero

I received my box yesterday and in general I am happy and like it. 😁

I voted for Yummy Mummy (tried it yesterday, love it) and Smaragadine so I'm happy they made it in.
The notebook was also a nice touch, I really liked it and already used it yesterday. I wanted to start with keeping a journal again so it came at a perfect time.


I am not particularly happy with Smuggler's Soul because I won't be able to use it due to an extremely sensitive facial skin. I am happy for the people who voted for it, it seemed to be popular. I hope I will be able to (preferably )swap, or sell it. (if anyone is interested let me know, I am based in the Netherlands and willing to ship within Europe ).


I really liked the bath oil tab. I haven't used it yet but it seems like a nice product and I cannot stop smelling it. But I love Sleepy, if you don't like Sleepy I can imagine it might be very frustrating, especially since there are so little other Sleepy products to choose from 😉


I don't like that Shaved Ice was added because I believe it was already release quite recently in a small batch?

Also I don't use shaving cream. I am a bit reluctant to try it as a shaving cream because I already read complaints about it clogging up the razor. I hope I will find another way to use it (tips are welcome)


This was my 3rd box. It is quite expensive for me with the shipping + the risk of an additional 21 euros import tax. From now on I will only sign up if the menu really appeals to me. I skipped April because I didn't like the menu and don't really get why products would be on the menu which are Creamy Candy or Snow Fairy scented but that's a whole other discussion 😀