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What are your top five products from the Lush kitchen box?

Ickle Lushie Bot

If you had to compile you ultimate kitchen box based on the products we've already had in them, which ones would you choose?

Mine would be:


Two hearts solid perfume (reminds me of the perfume my Nana wore)

Charcoal demon in the shower shower gel (the only product I've scoured eBay for when I ran out of the first one)

Smugglers soul face scrub (goes so well with beauty sleep and a facial oil)

Smitten hand cream ( I use it daily at work and then spend ages sniffing my hands like a weirdo)

Supertramp shower gel (love the scent)

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Groovy Kind of Lushie

- vanilla Dee light

- violet nights

- heavenly bodies 

- 29 high street shower gel 

- smugglers soul scrub 


yummy mummy body conditioner is up there with my favourites too 

Ickle Lushie Bot

This is tough, there have been so many great products in the boxes so far. If I had to pick;

1. Smitten hand cream (this has been a life saver for my hands and nothing else I’ve tried comes close, I’ll be sad to run out of this one)

2. Abominable shower jelly (more products with this scent please! A body spray, body conditioner, shower gel or jelly or even giving us the bath bomb back would be great)

3. Sonic death money shower gel (wish this had been a bigger size, I ran out of it quickly 😔)

4. Violet nights (love this scent, but would also love to see more bath oils like this)

5. Yummy mummy body conditioner (again love this scent, would love to see more body conditioners)


Honourable mentions for Happy Blooming body lotion, sleepy bath tablet & perfume and heavenly bodies buttercream. 😊

I’m so sad Happy Blooming shower jelly didn’t win the vote last January! I’m still

hoping they will make some available for

us to purchase, along with Tweet bubble bar 🤞🏻 (pleaseeeee @SophieW @Kel ) make a new limited release of some old favorites! 🤩

Bathing Master

1. Vanilla Dee Lite

2. Grass shower gel

3. Frog prince

4. Smitten

5. 29 high street shower gel


Although Smuggler's soul and Creme anglaise are one of my favourites too!


I haven’t accepted a box yet (🤭😀) but based on what I got from boxes on eBay: two hearts beating as one solid perfume (amazing scent wish they left it alone!) and wash that man shower gel. Two absolutely amazing scents that will make me happy forever 😁

Handmade Hero

1. Kisskin

2. Heavenly Bodies

3. Smitten

4. Freeze

5. Hot Toddy


I've not had all the boxes so my list is only from the ones I've had or the couple products I've bought from others.

Bath Submerger

I'm going to do this based on smells, because one of mine is a shower jelly and I can't bare the way they feel in my hand and will have to buy myself a sieve so I can use them as bubble bath XD

No specific order either, do not make me choose XD


Abominaball shower jelly - I adore this scent so much and would love a full sized shower GEL 

Smaragadine bubble bath - if I've even spelled that right XD 

Hot Toddy shower gel - This thing smells amazing! I'm going to make it last as long as possible omg!

Smuggler's soul face scrub - Okay I can hardly smell this but the texture is lovely ❤️ 

Demon in the Shower shower gel (Black one) - I just love the patchouli scents XD



Groovy Kind of Lushie

This is tough. My five are

Beauty Sleep


Winter bath bomb

Jingles Spells bath bomb

Sleepy bath oil

Groovy Kind of Lushie

My top 5 would be (in no particular order) 


  • Pumpkin spice soap
  • 29 high street shower gel
  • Violet nights liquid bath oil 
  • Caracas shower jelly 
  • Abombinaball shower jelly

Groovy Kind of Lushie

My dream box would be

  • Glogg shower gel
  • Pumpkin Spice soap
  • Heavenly Bodies
  • The Jilted Elf jelly
  • Yoga bath bomb

Pumpkin Spice soap is one of my favourite soaps over the years.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

I loved pumpkin spice actually, I typically don't like hard soaps as they dry my hands out but pumpkin didn't do that.

Bathing Master

1-Freeze Shower Gel (skipped the box, had to track down elsewhere).

2-Grass Shower Gel

3-Glogg Shower Gel

4-Outback Mate Bubble Bar (offering one partially used, damaged soul in exchange for this going mainline).

5-Jilted Elf Shower Jelly.

Ickle Lushie Bot

My problem is that I can't choose really 😂 they're all unique and I'm lucky my sister shares the contents of the boxes with me. 

So far my favourites are:

1. Smuggler's Soul face scrub

2. Grass shower gel

3. Intergalactic shower gel

4. Ol' Blue Skies shower gel 

5. Smaragadine (smells like Botanomancy to me) 

I'm sure I can extend this list 😂