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What are your top five products from the Lush kitchen box?

Ickle Lushie Bot

If you had to compile you ultimate kitchen box based on the products we've already had in them, which ones would you choose?

Mine would be:


Two hearts solid perfume (reminds me of the perfume my Nana wore)

Charcoal demon in the shower shower gel (the only product I've scoured eBay for when I ran out of the first one)

Smugglers soul face scrub (goes so well with beauty sleep and a facial oil)

Smitten hand cream ( I use it daily at work and then spend ages sniffing my hands like a weirdo)

Supertramp shower gel (love the scent)

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Lush Hottie

Mine would be -


1. Demon in the Shower

2. Glogg

3. Christmas Eve BB

4. Violet Nights

5. Jingle Spells

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.


1. Abombinaball shower jelly (can we get more things in this scent? 😍)

2. Glögg shower gel

3. Wizard bubble bar

4. Grass shower gel

5. Demon in the shower shower gel



I forgot about Wizard! Love that bubble bar so much.

It was great! And it had a very special scent! 😊

Agreed on the shower jelly. I haven't used mine yet, just keep opening it every once in a while to smell it cause I can't bare to use it and then not have that scent any more. I'd love a full size shower gel!

I think the Christmas range this year should have something Abombinaball scented 🙏🏻 @alecommy 

Bath Submerger

1 Creme anglaise

2 Smuggler's soul scrub

3 Kisskin

4 Glogg

5 Ma bubble bar

Oh I totally forgot about Crème Anglaise! Love it!

Bathing Master

1. Grass shower gel

2. Heavenly bodies buttercream

3. Violet nights bath oil

4. The jilted elf shower jelly

5. 29 high street shower gel

Bath Submerger

i've not opted in for every box so there definitely could be some contenders i'm not aware of (for example i've always wanted to try violet nights but that particular box it was the *only* thing i was interested in so i skipped, and ebay prices are... well... ebay prices lol.) BUT of everything i *have* tried, not in any particular order:-


demon in the shower
abominaball shower jelly
space girl bath bomb
kisskin bubble bar

beauty sleep face mask


but also a special shout out to both ma bar and hot toddy ❤️ that would be my top 7 XD


i'm genuinely surprised to see so much praise for demon in the shower! i remember spending YEARS begging the kitchen to make the soap, but it was never popular enough... they finally did it after like... 2? years of begging hahaha but now so many people have tried it and loved it they'll probably make it again in the future! >:D

they should just bring it back every halloween honestly.

I love the scent of demon in the shower so much. I washed my hair with it once accidentally but didn't regret it 🤣


I haven't tried the green version, does anyone know if it's very different?

i have the green one! without having the black one for comparison though i wouldn't be able to tell you any key differences... i thiiiiink i remember people saying the green one smelled stronger possibly? either of mint or apple or both, and the black one has charcoal which makes it ever so slightly scrubby. honestly for that alone i was gutted i got the green version XD i'd rather a lightly buffering sg than one that smells stronger personally

Then you are literally me asking them to re-make the Interglactic shower gel 😂 I hope one day they’ll listen! And yes, the demon in the dark soap would be an amazing Halloween product for this year. 

Bathing Master

1 29 Shower Gel

2 Smuggler's Soul Scrub

3 Yoga Bath Bomb

4 Freeze Shower Gel

5 April Shower’s Bath Bomb