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What do you think of the contents of July box?

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I haven't received mine yet so I'd like to know your opinions. I'm especially worried about shampoo, scrub and lotion. I don't know whether I'll like them or not.

For me this sunscreen lotion is the most confusing product in the box. Is this lotion more of regular body lotion or more of a sunscreen lotion? Will it be good as body lotion? Can I use it on the areas of the body prone to body acne? Do I have to wash this lotion off in the end of the day?

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Ickle Lushie Bot

I love the smell everything... except Ponche but I think that is because it was so over hyped I was expecting too much of it. Hopefully it'll grow on me!


I'm unclear on the best way to use the scrub as it's got a blue bit in the centre that I guess you're supposed to use at the same time as the scrubby bit? 

I used the bathbomb last night, it was excellent.

That's a good question. Does anyone know what is in the centre of the scrub?

Lush Hottie

Coconut oil is in the centre to make the scrub moisturising.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

So is it best to chop it all up and mix together to get the benefit of everything? Otherwise I don't know how best to use it. Maybe I'm missing the obvious though!

I've personally always used it whole, but you can break it all up, and use it that way.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Bath Submerger

I am enjoying the ponche shower gel. I was dubious about shampoo with salt bits in it getting stuck in my hair but it actually works really well and I really like the smell. I am yet to use the bath bomb and scrub but both smell nice. The only thing I don't like is the smell of is the suntan lotion. 

Bathing Master

I honestly kinda wish I'd skipped this box. Ponche and abominaball are the only items I like but that of course doesn't feel like £35 worth of goods! The sun lotion is a scent I wouldn't want to smell like and you'd think would smell bad in the heat, and is only 10spf which is rubbish! I have dry bleached hair which Squeak would torment, and the scrub turned to immediate mush under the shower. It's my least favourite box so far after April's. 



Bath Submerger

I love Ponche I was so happy with the scent!


I'm happy with the bath bomb and also the igloo scrub, although it's very soft for a solid scrub and literally crumbles and changes shape even when you pick it up so I'm a little weary about using that, and how it will last after one use. I love the scent though.


The shampoo is really watery and you only get just over half a tub which is a little disappointing but that also smells nice. I have seen alot of people put off by the salt but I use rub rub rub occasionally as a second wash shampoo and it makes my hair feel amazing so I was looking forward to trying squeak. It lathers really well without using alot of product which I didn't expect! It makes my hair feel clean and doesn't dry it out or anything so I will continue to use it maybe once a week. It would have been nice to have a full tub though.


My only hate from this box is the nutty suncream. I don't mind the scent in general but it's not something I would want my skin to smell of personally. In my opinion it was a really bad decision to include it in the kitchen box, I can't see many people liking it. Also the fact that it is supposed to be sunscreen and offers such low protection seems pointless.


Overall I like the box but it's definitely not one of my favourites.