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What’s the deal with the Merch hate?

Handmade Hero

So I keep seeing people that are not only sad, but seem outright angry that there has been some merchandise in the recent boxes (Eg: Badges in April’s box).


Personally, I’m really into it. My main reason for subscribing to the box was to try products I wouldn’t normally pick out for myself and venture into unknown Lush territories. I own bits and pieces of Lush merch, but as someone who’s local Lush is the ma-hoooo-sive Lush Liverpool I find myself distracted by other products and forget to leave with merch, so merch in the boxes is a really fun and exciting addition for me.


I’m gathering from other community posts that I am in the minority of people who enjoy these additions to the boxes and I’m struggling to find reasons - Is there something I’m missing here?


I don’t want to start any comment-fights over which Kitchen exclusive is superior, but I would like to have a genuine conversation over peoples thoughts and concerns surrounding these products and gain an understanding. Is it as simple as “I wanted _____ type of product instead of _____ type of product” for you? Ethical dilemmas? Dislike of Lush merch? Let’s talk!

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Lush Hottie

Hello, if you put "merch" into the search box on here you'll see loads of comments, and constructive feedback about why so many of us feel the way we do.

```````Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Ickle Lushie Bot

I don't mind it if it's something I can use, but I definitely don't want it instead of a bath/shower/skin care item. As a bonus item it's very cool but I don't use stickers, patches or badges so they're wasted on me! 

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I don't use merch so I see no point in receiving it. I'm not sure that my friends or family will use it. Receiving something useless each month is a shame. I feel like I have to do something with it so it won't be wasted but at the same time I don't want to spend a lot of time finding someone who will use it.


As for this month's merch, even if I liked tote bags, I wouldn't go out like a Lush advertisement.

Groovy Kind of Lushie

When I subscribed to Lush Kitchen, I expected that the contents of the box will be tailored in way that subscribers will be able to use up the products. However, in this subscription box we have an overwhelming amount of products of one type (shower gels/jellies). I can't see how I can use them up before their expiration date. Well, I want my products to be fresh. Lush is also an advocate of fresh products so it is confusing for me.


It will be really nice if the contents of the boxes will be more balanced in terms of how much time people will need to use them up. I thought that if it is a subscription service, people will be able to subscribe for a long period of time without having doubts whether they should skip something in order to use up products they already have.


I'd like to see more products in big sizes other than shower gels.

Bathing Master

I don't think I'm alone in thinking of the merchandise more as clutter objects that I'm never going to realistically use. They'll sit in a drawer for a few years and then ultimately be tossed out and wind up in landfill somewhere. For a company that pushes so hard on recycling and packaging-free products it seems almost counter-intuitive to include items that people are most likely going to throw out. It was a lovely gesture, I won't criticise them for thinking it was a good idea to add merch to the boxes, but it appears that many of us are in the same boat of earmarking the merch as future trash* as soon as it arrives.


*This word is ten times harsher than my intentions, but I'm blanking on a less offensive synonym right now. 

Bath Submerger

My reason for not wanting them in the box is due to the fact that I have no use for them. I signed up to the kitchen box for bath and body products and not merch. I don't mind receiving them if they are a added extra but I wouldn't be happy if they were sent in place of a actual product.


That being said they obviously cost money to make, so if additional items are being sent with the boxes id much rather have a bubble bar or sample of something useable rather than something that will just sit gathering dust.


Merchandise should be available online to those that enjoy and use them but I don't think they should be included in the kitchen boxes. 

Bath Submerger

For me it comes down to 2 simple things, it’s not what I signed up for and I don’t want to contribute to landfill waste because most of the items I won’t use. That’s it really. It’s really lovely that some people enjoy it because that means those at least some of those items will be loved and used. 

Handmade Hero

I understand why some don't like the merchandise but personally I love it  It's an extra surprise and if it's something I won't use myself my daughter is always happy to take it off my hands.