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Curious about the Lush Kitchen subscription box? You can find out what everyone is saying here! Have a burning question? Ask away, someone will undoubtably have the answer!
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What's the Lush Kitchen?

If you're new around here, you might be wondering what all this talk about The Lush Kitchen is....well it's a £35 (plus shipping) subscription box providing the community with exclusive full-sized, ba...

Kel by Lush Team
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Resolved! Skipping a box help!

Hello everybody!I'm new to the kitchen community and subscription box - I'm really looking forward to the August box but nothing has really taken my fancy from the votes for me to want the September b...

Jessa by Handmade Helper
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Autumn/Winter kitchen products

Hey all, I’m really curious to know what scents/ products you would like to return for the October - December boxes. I was trying to figure out what kind of products might be included for the Hallowee...

September’s Lush Kitchen menu! ☀️

 List of products (from lush.scents): - Avocado No Wash body lotion.- Karma shower jelly.- The Godmother soap.- Grass shampoo bar.- Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb.- Summer Blues bath bomb. Very excited ...

robert by Lushie
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Kitchen Box dispatch *some parts of* Europe

Beyond happy that after signing up for my first kitchen box after debating for a long time due to the hefty import fees to Europe i got an email saying that for customers in Spain the Box will now get...


July Item issue - spoiler

SPOILER - for anyone who doesn't know what is in Julys box yet. Not a complaint btw, just interested to see if anyone had the same issue.So, I just used the Australian Igloo body scrub and wondered if...

igloo1.jpg igloo2.jpg
TidWitch by Handmade Helper
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First June Box is a No Show

This is a bit of a frustration post. June’s box was my first time subscribing, and I was seriously looking forward to trying Intergalactic since I get debilitating migraines & tension headaches very o...

Resolved! Kitchen Query

I received an email today saying that my order is in the kitchen and my order number states ‘July 2021’ does this mean I’m getting July’s box?I’m not thrilled as I was sure that I had skipped July’s m...


Hello, I have sensitive skin and I have had hair problems for a long time. They recommended using the solid mango shampoo. I have been using it for several months and it has been doing great, all my p...