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Curious about the Lush Kitchen subscription box? You can find out what everyone is saying here! Have a burning question? Ask away, someone will undoubtably have the answer!
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What's the Lush Kitchen?

If you're new around here, you might be wondering what all this talk about The Lush Kitchen is....well it's a £35 (plus shipping) subscription box providing the community with exclusive full-sized, ba...

Kel by Lush Team
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Kitchen Box Themes?🍿🪐🧸

I had an idea a while ago, how awesome would some themed Kitchen boxes be! Remember the days when the Kitchen Menu was themed? I distinctly remember the MOVIE WEEK menu with references to Dirty Dancin...

Monster's Ball

I'm not sure if this is the right Board to post on but I shall try. Good Morning to you all, this is my first time posting so fingers crossed you can help. I have just emailed lush direct but I'm not ...

Mandamoo by Handmade Helper
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I’m so sad I missed the box with BADGES I collect badges and put them on backpacks.I signed up just a few days late to receive the box with them in. also love the shower gel and roller bath bomb fro...

Laura1 by Handmade Hero
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Resolved! Personalized Kitchen Box Shower Gel

I am writing this here because I want LUSH to see this. I think the May Kitchen Box is lovely and I look forward to receiving it. I think it's wonderful LUSH decided to personalize some of the Avo Sho...

May Kitchen Box Thoughts?💚🪅

SPOILER ALERT‼️‼️‼️...... LOVE LOVE LOVE I’m really happy with this months box! I voted for Roller Yuzu and Avo so I’m super glad they were inside. I didn’t vote for Aqua Mirablis but I’m excited ...

What’s the deal with the Merch hate?

So I keep seeing people that are not only sad, but seem outright angry that there has been some merchandise in the recent boxes (Eg: Badges in April’s box). Personally, I’m really into it. My main rea...

tashafox by Handmade Hero
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Resolved! Kitchen Sub Delivery... So Happy!

Just wanted to see what people's thoughts were on this months box? I'm lucky enough to live next to the post office so hey my deliveries nice and early. I won't add any spoilers here for people still ...

Doddiemae by Bath Submerger
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Kisskin Obsessed

Hi guys, I have become entranced by the scent of Kisskin. While I know that the scent is the same as Mumkin, I want to see if maybe any of you know of a dupe for this scent. I've searched near and far...

Kitchen Box Delivery?

This is my first month getting the Kitchen Box, I got an email Thursday afternoon saying it was dispatched via Royal Mail, but my RM tracking still says “This item is on its way to Royal Mail. The sen...

July Kitchen Box

Hello everyone  I'm just wondering what everyone would like to see in July's box. I've decided to skip the June box as the scents in the vote aren't the kind of scents I enjoy but I can see that lots...