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Curious about the Lush Kitchen subscription box? You can find out what everyone is saying here! Have a burning question? Ask away, someone will undoubtably have the answer!
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What's the Lush Kitchen?

If you're new around here, you might be wondering what all this talk about The Lush Kitchen is....well it's a £35 (plus shipping) subscription box providing the community with exclusive full-sized, ba...

Kel by Lush Team
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Voting (Lush not USA!!)

I've signed up for my first box but don't understand how to vote on items - please is an email sent to me or am I meant to log in somewhere??Thanks 

Sudevi by Handmade Helper
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Resolved! Lush Kitchen December’s Box Suprise Item

If anyone at Lush is listening... Berry Berry Christmas shower gel would be a great surprise item for the Christmas box. Not only its scent is incredible but the way it looks... it has to be one of th...

robert by Lushie
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Resolved! Retro Kitchen Products 🗳💚

I’m not sure if this question’s already come up but what retro kitchen products would you like to see come up for any Kitchen Box vote? I’m absolutely waiting on Ol Blue Skies shower gel i’d also lov...

December Kitchen Box Pt2🎄✨

Spoiler (Highlight to read)So the votes for the upcoming December Kitchen Box have been floating around Instagram today! (I won’t spoil them) but having read through the votes thread we seem to have g...

Resolved! Has anyone skipped a Kitchen Box...

...And come to regret it? I’ve chosen to skip the next Kitchen box as I wasn’t feeling very inspired by the vote. But nowwww I’m looking back at it and thinking AGH! What is they put some amazing secr...

Resolved! Kitchen Box Top Five

I’ve been thinking today about my favorites from the kitchen box and wondering which of them have been the biggest hits with you! I wanted to make it top three but I absolutely couldn’t because I’m te...

Pumpkin Spice Soap in the Lush Kitchen Box

I have to admit that I was less than thrilled when I saw that this was in the box. Well the Pumpkin is on me. I opened the box and the whole box smelt like a little piece of heaven. I put it in the di...

Sims by Bathing Master
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Resolved! Lush Kitchen Subscription Shipping Issue

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I asked some people in a Lush Facebook group who live in Australia if they had received their July/August box (with Freeze shower gel in it) and 99% of people who responde...

November Kitchen Box

Hiya everyone! What are you most hoping gets voted in? For me its Glogg Shower Gel and the Sparkler Bath Bomb!

Resolved! December Kitchen Box Predictions!🎄✨

Hey guys! So after all the excitement of the Halloween Kitchen Box, I’ve now been thinking about the Christmas one! What would everyone like to see up for voting?❄️

Who's a Lush Kitchen Subscriber?

What exclusive Halloween products are you hoping to see in this months box?  Also, did Freeze Shower Gel come at just the right time last month, or did Freeze Shower gel come at JUST the right time?...

Kel by Lush Team
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