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Curious about the Lush Kitchen subscription box? You can find out what everyone is saying here! Have a burning question? Ask away, someone will undoubtably have the answer!
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What's the Lush Kitchen?

If you're new around here, you might be wondering what all this talk about The Lush Kitchen is....well it's a £35 (plus shipping) subscription box providing the community with exclusive full-sized, ba...

Kel by Lush Team
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Resolved! Wanted: Lush Kitchen January Box Missing! 🧐

So... my January 2021 box never arrived home! I was hoping to have my Mrs.Whippy bath bomb, and HeavenlyBodies butter cream, and my Karma showergel, and oh, that VioletNights bath oil!. February box c...

New subscriber - March Box 2021

I don’t know if this is something that gets talked about on the forum but I’m interested to know how people voted, if that is an ok topic? If you are new to voting too, did you find the online process...

Resolved! Lime Bounty

I got my box today and overall I am very happy.I desperately wanted the SG because I never got to try it. I was pleased that I got three of my four items that I voted for. I love the sent of Lime Boun...

Sims by Bathing Master
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Resolved! Subscription boxes shipping with Europe

I received the february edition of the Lush Kitchen box today and while i am excited, as always, for it to arrive i was met with a rather unpleasant surprise: a €37 import fee. I figured it would be a...

YsorandomxP by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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February Kitchen Box thoughts!💖

My kitchen box arrived today so I thought I’d make a thread for us to leave our opinions!** I just want to add! I noticed the Wash That Man fill line it up into the neck rather than lower as some rece...

Fresh And Flowers subscription box

What does everyone think to this new subscription box & how many people have signed up for it ? I am curious to know. I loved the sound of the products for the promo box, not as keen on the actual fir...

Sparks by Bath Submerger
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Feb kitchen box

Hi guys! This month is my first subscription box I'm so excited!! Do we get a dispatch email when they have been shipped? X

Sarahp by Handmade Hero
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Resolved! March’s Kitchen Menu!

 what do you think of this month’s selection?  I must say I’m excited for the jelly and the Yummy Mummy body conditioner, Smuggler’s Soul scrub was sooooo popular and got amazing reviews when it came...

robert by Lushie
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New fresh subscription box

Hello, Does anyone have a link to the new fresh subscription box. Where we can sign up for it? I've just watched a video saying it is out today. But can't see it anywhere. Thanks ☺️☺️

Karenslush by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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What’s your one wish for future Kitchen boxes?

So if you could make any wish for future boxes what would it be? My two would be more for a wider selection of products (that’s why I love the January box so much). And my other wish would be alternat...

blair by Bathing Master
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