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Lush Team
Lush Team

We got to catch up with Sarah Sango, who has been bringing her styling expertise and love of effective hair products to the Lush HairLabs team. Sarah and Lush inventor Dan Campbell have been working hard to present the ultimate selection of products to keep your hair loved, luscious and legendary, and she was kind enough to give us some inside info and tips too!




From £10.00

Mash and go!
Our new SLS-free formula is full of fresh avocado along with cupuaçu and cocoa butters, and olive oil for hair hydration as you wash. It’s zesty fragrance is so popular it’s now a Lush body spray!

Sarah says "I love the fresh avocados in this. It takes me back to being at home in the kitchen mashing avocado with other ingredients to make a homemade hair treatment.” 

Super Milk 

From £15.00

Conditioning Spray 

Miracle multi-use moisture  

Shine boosting, curl defining, frizz fighting, heat protecting, detangling and a perfect hair primer for the L.O.C method too! It’s the triple combo of nourishing almond, coconut and oat milks along with extra virgin olive oil that helps this little gem deliver big benefits to your bonce!


Sarah says "I carry my small bottle with me everywhere I go in case I need to spritz and fix my curls.

Renee’s Shea Souffle
Hair and Scalp Oil

From £13.00

Leave in or twist out!

We use shea butter, avocado and almond oils to soften and strengthen hair, and coconut oil for shine. This comforting tonka and vanilla fragranced blend can also be gently massaged into the scalp. Use this as your oil in the L.O.C method.

Sarah says “Inspired by and named for my big sister Renée, who used to whisk up a concoction of shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils, and pot it up for the whole family.”

Tip from Sarah This one is versatile. Decant a bit into a squeezy bottle that you can warm in hot water and let it melt into an oil. People with protective hairstyles, like boxer braids or cornrows, can get it right into their scalp and massage it in.

Curl Power

Hair Cream

From £14.00

You go curl! 

Ultimate hair hydration. Molasses, linseed gel, cocoa butter and argan, coconut and jojoba oils create a kickass hair cream for champion curls. Use as a finishing cream in the L.O.C method to give coils and curls moisture and definition.


Sarah says “A celebration of fighting the pressure to chemically manipulate or straighten hair to fit in. We have found ways to style our hair using natural ingredients allowing our hair to look beautiful and feel healthy.” 



From £9.00

It’s yours to take!

Seize the power to repair and restore. Maple syrup provides bouncy body, sweet potato strengthens and is full of vitamins, olive oil toughens up hair’s tensile strength 

and almond oil boosts shine!

Sarah says “This is Monaè, my daughter’s favourite. She likes the smell and loves the new name. You can see she’s holding the Power pot, (her pot of power!) on Instagram and she’s really happy about it!" 



From £8.00
Regal rehydration

We selected mega moisturising, intense ingredients for this one. Castor oil protects the length of each hair shaft, coconut cream is a nourishing oil rich paste and oodles of fresh okra provides a nice slip so you can really feel the detangling benefits of this deeply penetrating conditioner. 


Sarah says “This one is an extra hydrating conditioner to get curls and coils feeling glorious and looking gorgeous.”


Did you know?
The Liquid Oil Cream Method or L.O.C method is a technique for moisturising hair, used after the hair has been freshly washed to hydrate and protect curly and coily hair. First, you apply a water-based leave-in product – this is your liquid. Next, lock in the moisture with oil and finally apply a cream product to style and define and further seal the moisture in. 

Need some hair advice? Connect with our Lush Personal Shopper service through the Lush Labs app, or head to your nearest Lush shop for a consultation!

 Follow Sarah on Instagram @lushhairlab_sarah