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Lush Team
Lush Team

Picture the scene. It’s Summer and the first Lush shops have just opened their doors. The inventors and founders are sitting together in Lush Co-Founders’ Mark and Mo Constantine’s garden. The grass is long. The bees are buzzing. The sun is out. 


Fellow Lush Co-Founder Helen Ambrosen has created a new product. On the table she places a tupperware tray and uncovers the product within. It’s a Van Gogh-esque sunflower scene… made from solid deodorant base and decorated with real flowers. Quiet “wow’s” are uttered around the garden. 


“I was just trying to make them visual and beautiful, because they are something that people want and need to use every day,” explains Helen. “I always had this thing about trying to make deodorants beautiful instead of them being so utilitarian. I turned it out and it was stunning!I have never been able to do it again, and I don’t think I should. Just on that day it was there - with the magic. It got us going.”


And so Aromaco, and our range of deodorants, were born. 


Available in solid, naked, powdered or packaged forms, there’s something for everyone. But no matter which one you choose to pamper your pits with, each Lush Deodorant has been formulated with the best, safest and most moisture-absorbing ingredients we can lay our hands on; combined with essential oils that really stick to the skin and perfume it for a long time.


So go on, choose Deo not B.O.


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